Friday, December 04, 2009

Destination :HKC Palo Alto, Ca

Just in time to celebrate the inaugural HKC Palo Alto,Ca our new logo and store front sign. Notice the HKC logo to the right? Rockin'!
Plus, check out the start of our new website changes:


Rob O'Brien said...


Can I get a shirt with your logo? It is cool!


Mark Reifkind said...


thanks man, soon. very soon.we love it too.

guy said...


Classy! I could'nt have done better. I would like to order a T-shirt someday as well, with your cool new logo.

Rob O'Brien said...

Let me know. Did the 1000 swings with the 24kg bell....tell Tracy thanks for pushing me. I gave her props on my blog!


kettlegevity said...

Rif- I feel ya, when it comes to training alone. Did the workout and i found the "f" bomb came easily. I wondered how long you took between sets with 24kg. Personally, I took a FULL minute. That is where I could have used a partner. Your place and new logo look great!
Thanx for the inspiration.

Mark Reifkind said...

I'm sure I took a full minute plus.Now that being said I don't dawdle. I let my hr get down to about 80% of normal and then go.I don't want to start a heavy set out of breath.But I don't want to cool off, or lose my training rythym either. Gettinga keeping a good training rythym is vital and one thing I dont see written about much. It doesnt have to be a fast rythym but it's got to have it's own pace.
I hate training by the clock and give into it for maxvo2 day very grudingly.
I dont usually like mixing the qualities I'm training. like trying to go heavy AND go fast. I like to focus on one training quality( speed, volume overload, etc)and overload that.
I did WSB for think,lol

Franz Snideman said...

Kick ass Logo! I like it more than the only one......very nice Rif!

I hope to see it in person one day....maybe if Feb!

Boris T. said...

Nice logo!