Wednesday, December 02, 2009

One man, one bell, one task.

I've always said that the true hallmark of a dedicated athlete is their ability to get their training done regardless of the circumstances.This is especially true when it comes to training alone. For so many years my litmus test for training partners was squat workouts. If you weren't prepared to be there on time, ready to go with a solid attitude and a plan for the day I wouldn't let you train with me. I would rather train alone. I would rather not count on anyone showing up and make those weight ,intensity and safety adjustments, than counting on you and being bailed on.
And that happened very frequently when it came to leg day,lol.SO many start well and fade fast as soon as it gets really tough.
So I learned how to train alone.
But I havent in a long time although I know in the back of my head , and in the depths of my heart that I can. I just don't want to anymore,lol. Unless I have to.
Like today.Tracy was up with our grandchild and I was on my own on heavy snatch day.
I did 140 reps in sets of 14 last week and knew I needed to step it up a notch. I also knew that I have been relying heavily on her energy and inspiration for awhile now and havent' done anything all that tough myself in many moons.
Plus, I have the HKC this weekend and DON'T want to tweak myself when I don't have the time to heal up and still be at top shape for this most important weekend. I've been on a roll though, of late and really NEED to keep that momentum going. Feeling strong feels so good. But I know I can get hurt sleeping so I don't take my current level of 'restoration' for granted,at all.
I just had to get and stay focused and get and keep on task.Just like the old days.
One rep at a time. One set at a time. Stay in my body and stay in sequence. Don't do anything stupid; let it swing.
So I did.

20 kgx4/4

24 kgx7/7x 12 sets
168 reps
8904 lbs

This went great. I had some serious music turned on at first,like the old days, to spur me on and get things rolling but then decided to turn it off and just focus focus focus. I just didnt want anything to tweak at all as I pushed into my total reps with the 24kg than I've done in one sets in eons.My groove felt fine I just had to stay present and balanced. Went great. I can see 20 rep sets in my future soon as well as starting to build up my one arm max reps.Not today though.
Still have to get and stay at a 200 rep per workout minimum average first.
first things first.
But it's way more fun training with my wife. There, I said it, the "F" word.
Hey, I'm old now, I need all the help I can get.
But I found out, for real, that I can indeed still train alone. train hard alone. set new pr's( recent at least) alone, when I don't want to for real and certainly don't have to.
Although I do.
Some people will get that and some won't.
One who does is my wife Tracy who was out there in our cold garage, at the crack of dawn,alone getting it done with 20 minute swing work sets because there was no other time to do it today and it has to be done.

Clubbell arm cast /shield cast
10 lbx7/7/7/7
15 lb x7/7/7/7
20 lbx5/5/5/5

These went great! didnt want to risk swipes today as the back has been a bit tight of late and I think it's do to the bilateral swipes. Back to single arm swipes and mills for awhile as well as these arm casts. I just want them to build the arms up anyway :))
ran out of time
HKC weekend here we come!


Diana said...

I'm sure you guys hosting the HKC will be fun, almost makes me wish I could do it again! I'll save that feeling for the next move!
Congrats on turning your place into the great HKC place I'm sure it will be.
PS/ I have trained myself for what two years now, after getting things tweaked a bit from some professionals, I still enjoy it the best, but so looking forward to learning more next year.

Mark Reifkind said...


I can't wait for you to experience the RKC.There really is nothing like it.The HKC is such a perfect prelude to it but three days, is well,a LOT
thanks for the comment.
and you're right,there's always more to learn.Or to remember....

Mark Reifkind said...

andoh yeah, I can't wait for the unveiling of the new Girya Russian Kettlebells Palo Alto,Ca
It's gonna rock on so many levels.

guy said...


The snatches are coming along great! Good Job! MVO2 work with the 24 is right around the corner now, uh? I agree w/ you on training partners, I would rather train by myself than depend on someone whose head was'nt screwed on right.
My workout is always just me in the "Courage Corner" w/ my music. You did'nt say what music you rocked the workout to boss? I'm sure the new Girya strength will look fantastic! Have agreat day Sir.

Mark Reifkind said...


no way mvo2 with the 24 kg! I have a LONG way to go before I even think about that. First: 80x8 with the 16kg, THEN 80x8 with the 20 kg. That should put me at 80 years old so maybe then I'll start MVo2 with the 24kg,lol.
as far as music to train by besides the old classics of Tool,metallica, AC/DC,I also like Disturbed, system of a down , monster magnet and lots of other hardcore heavy music.
anything that you can squat too will do.

Boris said...

Great post Rif. Every time you take hold of the handle, it's a new ketllebell. Every rep is a new rep. It's all about keeping the beginner's mind, isn't it?

Mark Reifkind said...


exactly. you have to deal with the body you have that day, as my yoga instructors like to say.I try as much as I can to slow down, actually, and not rush out of the bottom position.My arms are so much stronger, relatively, than my hips, that's always a perogative.I have to hold back and really focus on the hips. It's was too easy to tweak myself.
I'm still too strong for my joints,,lol.

Sandy Sommer, RKC said...

Simple and sweet. Love it. Why do we often try to make things so complicated?

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks sandy

I dont know why we tend to want to complicate training. I've always had very simple but incredible hard tasks to accomplish in my competitive life( double twisting double backs,total Elite in powerlifts etc,lol) so there wasnt too much room to mess about.
I think when one doesnt have clear cut goals it's easy to go astray.