Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last workout of the year.

Got a late cancellation so I had some time to get in a quick workout today and celebrate the last workout of 2009.IN just a week we will celebrate the start of Girya's EIGHTH YEAR in business! That's so hard to imagine.
I was feeling very happy because I was feeling no ill effect from yesterdays snatches and swings and the day before yoga training so I decided to do some clubbell work, something relatively safe for me,lol.
I was going to title this post "3oo" as I had plans of doing three sets of 100 in the arm casts but after the first two sets of 100 my triceps told I should back off and be satisfied with just "200". LOL, I'll TAKE it

Clubbell Arm Cast

10 lb club continuous 100 reps: 30/30/20/20

15lb club continuous arm casts 100 reps :switching every ten reps.

Great arm pump and my triceps were already a bit tender from the previous days snatches. All good though.
Happy New Year to All!



You make loving fun said...
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Boris T. said...

Happy New Year Rif!

Also congrats in advance on 8years of Girya!

guy said...

Happy New Year to the Reifkind family! Mya you and the Mr.s have Success and prosperity for the new year!

Mark Reifkind said...

Boris and Guy

Thanks so much guys for all the support, comments and participation on my blog,it really helps keep things going.Have a Happy New Year for you and yours.


Boris said...

Happy New Year!