Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Back to the beginning.

I survived my second Bikrams class in three days yesterday but today was snatch day. Last week did not turn out as planned as my back went south just two days after my snatch workout.Lots of things conspired for that to happen and while the 8 kg snatches and swings I did on Saturday were a welcome relief from my back pain and spasms, but not much of a condidence builder when thinking of 24 kg snatches.

I have been wearing my olympic lifting boots for my snatches for many months. My back just seemed to like it and my instinct told me to try them when I did. I even wore them to work last week as they seemed to provide a better position for my pelvic tilt and I now listen to these instincts.But then, as the workout approach and my back was feeling better my instincts told me to wear my wrestling shoes and I resisted pretty strongly at first.

My center of balance has shifted, I feel, I going back to the wrestling shoe, and the snatch form that accompanies it, seemed like a good idea. Go back to the form I had before I was tweaked. Restoring normal ranges of motion is usually the first thing I try to do after a back injury. The more 'weird' I walk , giving into the pain, the worse it seems to get and the longer it takes to get out of it.

Using patterns that didnt hurt just days ago seems to 'reset' my nervous system. Hey, when you are in serious pain you will try ALL KINDS of things.
Happy to report it went well( really will know tomorrow am) but I could snatch and swing in a normal pattern without pain! Yeah! Scary as hell but I did it.And in my wrestling shoes.
Started really light and built up to the 20 kg pretty easily.Good stuff.

12 kg x5/5 x3
20 kg x5/5x4

Here's some video of a 20 kg set. Things look pretty square to me. As square as I get,lol. The shirt's off so I could see my spinal and hip alignment but it's nice to see I haven't lost all my muscle in my old age.

just very happy I could do the movement AT ALL without pain. A freakin' miracle. Thank you God.Just hope the back holds tomorrow :))

One arm swings
20 kg x10/10 x 4 sets

These HAVE to get back into my workouts. HAVE TO. These are the true base of my snatch and I have neglected them too long. It felt very weird to swing again. It's been a year of nothing but snatches. talk about minimalist. No more. It's also interesting(to me) that I could snatch in the OL heel but I didn't want to swing in it ever. swings are truly the foundation and the really power and condtioning builder.and as safe as you're gonna get.

One arm clubbell swipes
10 lbs x 10/10/10/10
15lb x10/10/10/10
20 lbs x5/5/5/5x2

these were a bit scary with the close stance but I don't want to do any bilateral movments.this is so strong for me I just WISH I could really test this hard and go all out. I know I could do the 25 lb for high reps if Icould trust my back, which I cannot.

One arm clubbell casts
20 lb x8/8 x2

This is awsome for my triceps. love it.

Ok, that's it. Here's praying that I wake up mobile tomorrow. My fingers are crossed.


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