Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Max Vo2 40 sets of 7s and 8s.

Fawn ,Steve and Mauras competition last weekend has got me all misty for my glory days. This is one of my favorite photos of me, as well as my pr deadlift.I love powerlifting, theres nothing like it.

Had a feeling this would be pretty easy today and it was, albeit still grueling.Just was easier to handle the gruel (!)even when I stepped up the pace to 8 reps per cycle.Just have to be warmed up and I'm fine; I can speed. But not til then and sometimes it takes forever to get warm. This is how I was on the bike or running.It took me an hour of low intensity cycling before I could 'find my legs' and climb hills or sprint well.I didnt like it but there it was.
Same thing here. Once I'm warm I can swing or snatch fast but it takes its own sweet time.

Max Vo2 Snatches 15:15
16 kg
20 sets 7 reps per 15/140 reps/5040 lbs
20 sets 8 reps per 15/160 reps/5760 lbs
300 reps
10,800 lbs/20 minutes
Max HR 180( this is the lowest it has been with this protocol,especially with 8's)

This was the most casual I have ever approached this workload. Joe was hitting some heavy lifts with the Beast and I was not totally focused on my performance.But I could just check the clock, set up and bang out the next set pretty strongly even if I was short on time.Wasnt long ago I dared not move at all if I wanted my hr to recover enough for the next set!

One Arm Shield Cast
15lb CBx

These were great. Very strong.

CB Hammer swing
15lbsx10/10x3 sets

Didnt think I would do these again as the high rep sets I did before got my back to waking up but I think for intermittent, low reps they will be beneficial. Great groove on these.

Rack Walks
16kgx1200 ft switch hands every 200 feet.

Man I finally didnt puss out on these and get them in ! About time :((
It went very well for the legs and the cardio but my arms were pretty cooked. Knee tracked as well as every in these.

BW 162.4
Water 60.5%
Waking HR 52!!!! This is staying low. Man the vo2 training is definitely paying off! I havent taken this for months. It got below 50 (bradycardia) a few times back then but hasnt since. I'll take this.

Got the cert weekend after this so this saturday will be a start of a taper. swing the 24 kg and not go for any prs. Same with Monday.24 kg snatches but low volume and off on wednesday except for lots of Z and Rifga stretching. Lots of stretching.



Steve Reishus said...

I love that shot man! Looking jacked! You were at 181 right? What was that deadlift?

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks steve, I was 181 and the dl was 545, my second attempt. I missed the third at 562 my best ever attempt.

fawn said...

Nice picture Mark. I just got home from the gym; Maura and I are starting to map out our workouts. I will submit it for your approval soon. See you in a week!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks fawn,it brings back such strong memories,lol.glad you are already thinking about your next cycle. this is a good sign.see you soon, it will be a blast.

fawn said...

Powerlifting could be addictive... I didn't understand the appeal until Saturday. Now I just have to get a respectable bench number, plus I know I have another 20lbs in my squat.

So, what was your strongest lift?

Mark Reifkind said...


totally addictive.the higher you climb the farther you see; once you do a weight you see no reason you can't do 'a little more'.which is true.
MY best lift,% wise was my bench, 435 at 181 which got me in the top 100 rated benches open and top ten in masters at my weight.
best squat= 573 at 190 lbs and that is my best dl 545 at 181.I also squatted 545 at 181 which is triple bodyweight, which I am very proud of.

fawn said...

That is a HUGE squat! We will have to talk squat when I see you next week.