Monday, February 25, 2008

Re Build

As much as I love teaching at certs and workshops I seriously hate to have my training rythyms messed with. I am, in runners parlance, a 'trainer' not a 'racer'. This means I like training more than I do competing, which is true.Many 'racers' only like the meets and have a hard time getting up for the day to day grind which is training.
Not me.
I love the day to day grind of regular training, of feeling myself grow stronger each workout and being able to handle heavier training loads more easily all the time. I do like competing as well as I have been performing athletically since I was 14 and it comes very natural to me. I like to have to turn it on when it really counts.
Since I can't do that much athletically anymore teaching in front of large groups seems to be taking it's place and I still treat it like a competition,which means I taper for it. Which brings me to the part I hate: scaling the training back down, resting more than normal, holding back on many levels and basically having to wait for the 'big day'.I am so a creature of habit; and always have been although it is definitely getting worse as I get old(er).
Because no matter how good a shape I get into coming back after a peak and a taper is ALWAYS hard for me.I love to keep the momentum going because I know how tough it is to re start that;especially at a high level.
Back in the saddle, it's snatch pause day.

Snatch Pauses

24kgx5/5x10 sets
100 reps
5300 lbs

made sure to hold each rep for a solid 1-2 seconds. This training has really helped my right arm overhead position.Even Joe noticed how much further back it goes now.almost normal :) It's infinitely more comfortable overhead and holding the rep is no problem. I can relax now in that position and that's a big change.

One arm swipes
15lbsx8/8x 5set

wow this one lit my triceps up FAST! Could easily have done more but my tris were getting a hell of a stretch after all those overhead holds and I didnt want to push it at all. Damn taper,lol.

2 CB Rockits
2 15lb CBs x30 sec on 30 sec off 5 times( 30 reps per 30 sec)

these were tough, as expected.Great quad and glute work and always opens up the wrist,elbow and links the shoulder.

One arms shield cast
15lbs x8/8x 4 sets

woo hoo, hot tri's!

BW 162
BF 8.8%
Water 60.8%

datsit. more z and rifga later. Back on track til May and the Danish Cert. Have to be VERY strong for that one! Have to be extra strong for the Vikings!


Sean Schniederjan said...

that's an interesting idea... the certs taking the place of your comps. is it even possible to ignore the fact that its "the big dance" and keep up with your peaking?

we had a great DL session friday. i started on week 2 of the cycle since we only have 6 weeks. i got 13-14 singles w/ 75%. i read on your comment on fawn's blog that if you miss the first week, you still have to get the volume in. does this mean i should try to fit in 15 70% singles at some point? or should i try to add a couple more reps to weeks 2-4?

Kenneth Jay said...


May is getting closer :-)

Mark Reifkind said...


its all about increasing work capacity for me these days. Four 13-15 hour days on my feet is a lot for this old guy.I have to be ready to do whatever I need to be able to walk as easily and as much as possible.I can't be too sore going in or it will make it tougher.
this is fine I just am an old guy really set in his ways who hates to travel. :))

Mark Reifkind said...

Its never far from my mind.I have a lot of work to do in the next 7 weeks :))

Mark Reifkind said...

if you only have 6 weeks you plug in where you are. fawn is in 'offseason' training so the volume is more crucial.

Franz Snideman said...

Great post Rif! I need to be more like you!

I on the other hand am more of a RACER and not a trainer. In college on the track team, I would occasionaly have an amazing session where I would beat everyone. But more often than not, I could not get up for a practice sesison. I did much better in competitions than in practive.

My twin brother Keats on the other hand was a practice guy. He always did great. But when it came to the meets, he became to MENTAL and had way POOR performances.

we are all different..that is for sure! Even if you are twin ;)

Mark Reifkind said...


I was lucky; I love to train and loved to compete as well. just hate the damn taper and the waiting :))