Thursday, February 28, 2008


Check out the bar path on Fawn's squats; both with an olympic shoe with a heel and with a flat shoe.The trend has been to only wear flat shoes when you are doing a wide stance "power" squat but many just dont get good leverage without a heel.Especially those with long femurs and or tight ankles.
I was one of them and now wished I had followed my instincts and used a heel and squatted with a close stance.The heel let me sit back and still keep my center of gravity over my base.Without the heel if I sat back I took my hips out of it and loaded just the legs. and if I leaned forward it was all back.
Train your weakness, compete your strengths. I fully 'grok' this now.
With the heel Fawn can really keep her arch,stay over her base, engage the hips and quads similtaneously, as well as put her extensors in a solid postition to maintain their position.When she hits the sticking point she is still in balance and can hold her arch and use her glutes at the same time.
Can't apply force well if you are struggling for balance.Great job Fawn!

with a heel

without the heel


fawn said...

Wow! I'm featured on Rifs Blog... I feel like a star! I really do love those shoes. I was a little skeptical of using an Olympic style shoe at first because I do have lots of mobility in my ankles... I thought heals were for people with limited ankle mobility. The shoes make me feel so stable and powerful. I wonder where I will go with the squat?

Mark Reifkind said...

yes you is :))
The heel isnt just about ankle mobility but leverage as well. you have very long femurs which make it difficult to get your center of mass over your base in the squat. the heels helps this.can't wait to see if you like it in the dl.

Maura said...

Wow-Fawn's squat has always been strong. But it is amazing what a difference the shoes make to her stability.


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