Thursday, March 29, 2007

This weeks numbers

reps 160+320+260 =740

lbs 36,780

82 % of last weeks reps


Royce said...

I borrowed my friends copy of Beyond Bodybuilding. Awesome book.
I was going to do EDT for 3 months before going back to ETK simply because Pavel endorsed it as a way to build muscle that was as strong as it looked, that was my goal. And I have read some great endorsements for it on T-nation. Your right though that is not a specific goal. It's like sitting on the couch saying I want to get in shape. How, what does in shape mean. Hell I've been in shape for a long time. Unfortunately it's just been a round shape. LOL.
I believe I have the capacity to get much stronger, gain functional, rugged, dense, mass, and become far more enduring.
I don't have a way to sum those goals up in a performance oriented way though.
You had to go and make me think!

Mark Reifkind said...

yes, round IS a shape,lol. Really being focsues on what you want out of your training IS the key to getting it,imo. there are so many ways to train that if you arent very specific you wont make much progress.
mass training and specific strength training are very different animals and require very different approaches.
sorry for making your brain hurt,lol.

Royce said...

First of all the good news. I think I did my first legitimate power squat after reading BB. I HATE to admit this but I have always made the mistake of bending over when I got to a sticking point above parallel and thinking I was going lower. So any of my old pr's are bogus, because I don't know how far down I went. :-(
Today I was playing around with putting a JS band around my knees and squatting with BW only when I noticed myself do the same thing. I loaded the bar to 135 (really light but that was the point) and got tight, arched my back and went down when I hit that point I literally had to pull myself down. I couldn't believe it. There was weight on my back and I had to pull myself into the hole. I was blown away. The funny thing is that I didn't notice the weight on my lower back at all. Then like magic POOF right up. that stretch at the bottom gave me a hell of a push off. I'm pretty excited.

OK, if you don't mind let me pick your brain. What do you think of this program from Beyond Bodybuilding. SQ/Bench/DL mon wed fri but with a different emphasis each day. I.E. monday Squat heavy dl, bench light. Wed bench heavy, squat and dl light ect. Saturday is for extra work( I'm thinking swings here). I am intrigued by the Russian sets and reps for power section. using one of those power cycles as a template for the heavy excersize of the day. The light ones maybe 5x3 or something similiar. As far as goals go.

Get under 200 lbs that I already know.
Complete the ETK goals.

SQ 2x body weight
bench 1.5x body weight
dl 2.5x body weight
or in lbs
405 sq
300 bench
500 dl

If this takes a long time I'm ok with that. Hell I've got nursing school coming up! Time crunch for sure.
I guess I'm one of those people that can't just make up a program, I do better when it's written down for me. LOL

Mark Reifkind said...

personally I think thats an awful lot of volume to adapt to,even though the weights vary. I personally like the one day a week for squat one for deadlift and two for bench.
even light squats can be tough on the spine and the loads add up quickly.
I think thats more of an intermediate approach; you know me, I focus on the long haul and once per week per lift makes that easier. The russian way is lot of volume.

as far as the weight goals that should be no problem whatsover. take the time to really get your form down before you load have to maintain a good lower back arch or you are toast,eventually.

takes long time to develp good barbell powerlift strength,dont rush it.I told my training partner, 6 years ago that it takes 5 years to get to be decent at the state level and he won states and took third at nationals last year.

give it time and keep you kb swing work in.

Royce said...

Thanks. I appreciate the advice. And I will do it that way.
Mon SQ
Wed bench
Fri DL
Sat light bench
Sound about right?

Swings and snatches after DL or after light bench.
Now I have to go read, re-read, and re-read the periodization part of beyond bodybuilding again.

I have no intention of stopping kettlebelling, that would be foolish IMHO.
I think that 5 year mark may be closer to 7 for me. LOL
Thanks again for the words of wisdom!

Mark Reifkind said...


I like that careful with your shoulders combining benches and snatches, I couldnt do it.swings were fine but snatches were tough. but i have forked up shoulders.

I doubt seriously if it will take you very long to get those numbers. big helps.

Franz Snideman said...

Nice Rif. Your strength endurance is OBVIOUSLY very high.

Keep it up brother!

Royce said...

Cool Rif thanks again!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Franz; just using swing variations of the basis of the loading is working out even better than I hoped.