Saturday, March 17, 2007

KB Corrective exercise.

Tim Dymmel in the high/low windmill.

Since my shoulder went 'back into place' a few days ago and I can get the squat bar into the right position and it seems, that I can do the bench pattern without pain of course I started thinking about training, and then of course, competing, in powerlifting again.

I'm a greedy, greedy, greedy trainer. ten seconds out of serious pain and I am back to thinking about how I can hurt myself again,lol.

It's SO hard for me to train without pushing for some goal and I miss powerlifting and being a powerlifter greatly. BUT I came to my senses and have focused HARD on the pain and lack of function these last years have been about.

I also miss doing lots of kb drills that I have dropped because of the limitations of my right shoulder and back. TGU's ,windmills, presses and now even snatches have been X'd out because my right shoulder won't cooperate and I didnt want to created an even bigger imbalance.

BUT I had a semi revelation this morning shaving my head,lol. What if I did the left side exericses that I can do and sub out different but balancing moves for my right? For instance for my left side:


Press / side press

for my right:


single leg deadlift

Snatch holds( perhaps dead snatch?)

The TGU will work my left leg and the pistol my right. The sldl will work my right hammie and erector and the snatch( at the very least snatch holds) will counter balance all the overhead work on my left side.
Possible moves that will work both sides but still in a balancing vein are:
high/low windmill( bell overhead in left arm)
See saw press( this has always been my easiest press on my right shoulder)

this could be the 'practice' work before the brunt of the workout which will still be the swings.Will try this out the AM and report back.

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