Monday, September 14, 2020

215 and 220 press,floor pushups one arm laterals

 Everything went really well today in terms of positions, cues and timing. 220 was as solid as it's been and I got loose on 225 or I would have made it too.

The "elbows in" cue worked great, as well as the "load the bow" for the launch. But I think I forgot to really "get the head out of the way" but otherwise I hit the marks

Now I'm wondering if I really need the heel looking back at my old 220 and 225 attempts with vibrams.  I will play with this on Wed with light weight. I think the set up is the key and I might have a tighter base barefoot again,

Here is 220 in vibrams

and here is today in heels. pretty close to the same position but I think the flat is more stable

Here is 225 miss in vibrams

and today's with reelboks

have to analyse and see

65 85 105 x 2
135 x 2
155 x 1
175 x 1
195 x 1
205 x 1
215 x 1
220 x 1 on first attempt too!
225 x X x 2
205 x 1
       x miss tried toe clenching technique, pushed me forward
205 x 1 x 3

floor pushups
63 x 2
50 x 1

one arm laterals rear delts
3 x 10/10 20
3 x 10 20

BW 175.4
BF 145.6

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