Monday, August 27, 2018

175 lb Press 5 x 3 PR!!!,40 kg belt squat,floor pushups, laterals

Man this was a fantastic workout, and for no good reason as I was not feeling great at all , all morning. My neck was tight and I had headache and I really didn't expect much from the 175 except perhaps one set or maybe two

But ALL FIVE!  And with the strictest technique ever! Well to say I'm happy is a serious understatement!

The new technique worked perfectly and the pieces all blended well

I realized quickly that I had to get UNDER the bar much more on the walkout and that would solve a lot of problems and it did. The more I can walk out with the arch the less I have to layback prior to the launch. And the less internal bounce I need .

As evidenced by using almost none today. And the video above of the second set was not the best set. Each set thereafter got better.

I even got stuck a few part and managed to correct the bar path and make the rep. Not too long ago at all I would have missed those reps
SO I get under it more on the unracking.
Layback again and get elbows up
Just press
The arch pre contracts the lats so they're there when I'm really to press and there is no downward motion of the bar BUT the launch still has the help from tight lats


45 x 5
65 x 3
85 x 3
105 x 3
135 x 2
155 x 2
175 x 3 x 5 !! all time PR. Never trained with this weight ever1

40 kg belt squats
12.14,16 20

strong but legs were tight and tired a bit

Floor pushups
these felt great! I hate having to do these stupid high reps but I now believe they are absolutely crucial to my pressing strength. strength endurance, and able to hold a grind.
even if not they're here to stay!

20s x 3 x 8/8

BW 170.8
BF 13.5

rest day!

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