Sunday, October 08, 2017

Fast Ruck single lap pr!

This was a surprise! Legs were loose and strong right from the get go and lungs were open from the start as well

SO nice when this stuff shows up,especially after a hard 48 kg workout yesterday.
 AND a lap PR to boot! Not a big one, just barely two seconds better but hey, I haven't done close to it in a long time so I'll take it
Good sign for tomorrow's presses too

50 lb Ruck
12 laps
11 iso squats
6th lap 7:40
11th lap 6:37 PR!! All time! ( 6 seconds off first pr time of 6:43)
1:49 min all time total pr too. ( fastest per lap time for all 12 laps)

very very nice

BW 168.4
BF 12.2
W 56.6

this was also a surprise

ok tomorrow; goal is 180 lb press for another PR



Hunter Jarvis said...

Are you still low carbing it and doing intermittent fasting?
I'm giving Geoff Neuperts 24hr diet a go again.

Mark Reifkind said...

still intermittent fasting but not low carb

first meal after, veg and protein fats

second meal carbs and protein and dessert

and,, as always, red wine :)