Sunday, February 12, 2017

All time PR Ruck

Today and this lap time, was a very nice surprise! Felt great coming off yesterdays workout and my legs felt loose and light from the start.
Cool, but dry and not freezing weather helped too.
Even the first few laps felt fast and when the 4th lap timed out at 7:31 I knew I might have a chance at an all time PR . Decided to try it on the 8th lap instead of the last one as lately even when I start fresh I hit a but of a wall on laps 10 +

My old PR was 6:49 so I knew I had to do the first half in 3:20 or so so have a chance and when I past it in 3:15 I really started to push. Must have slowed a bit but still got  6:39 for an all time best and a 10 second pr! pumped!

Felt a bit cooked though after and settled into steady pace til the last lap. That, surprisingly, timed out at 7:12!! and my legs responded well when I stepped on the gas a little

Best three timed laps ever when put together. The 6:39 is a sub 14 min mile. Not bad with a 50 lb ruck

50 lb ruck
12 laps
11 isometric squat holds
4th lap 7:31
8th lap 6:39 ALL Time PR
12th lap 7:12!
 1 hr 52 min

BW 165.8
BF 12.3
W 56.3

OK now to get my shit together for tomorrow and hit 140 for 5x5 in the press!


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