Sunday, July 10, 2016

Good Ruck

For some reason woke feeling really good. Legs, back shoulders head, everything right as rain.
Not one to question such good luck I figured the ruck would let me know for sure if it were real or some devious delusion :)

It was real. Started off good and just got better.

50 lb Ruck
12 laps
1 hr 50 min !!
10 iso squats
4th lap 7:58
8th lap 7:37
11th lap 7:18 PR  All time!

man I was almost trotting! and it was easy. weight felt light, legs felt loose and lungs felt open.


BW 162.4
BF 12.1
W 56.7

I'll take it. More 135 lb presses tomorrow. hopefully 3 sets of 4 and 2 sets of 3 but we'll see

BTW back on keto again and feel better already. I am leaving the yoghurt in there but that's a total of 30 gm of carbs so it's within limits. that and the quest bars go well together and give me the intestinal bacteria and extra fiber I am looking for. Will sub out reg yoghurt and add in the raw honey instead of pre mixed honey this week


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