Wednesday, July 20, 2016

24 kg speed swings 17 min,sandbag walking lunges, parallel bar pushups, rear delts

Have to admit a little nervous about doing this whole workout the day before getting on a plane to teach kb's for three days straight but that's the old me thinking. The pre TKR me. It shouldn't be  any problem at all and today's speed swing workout went SO easy and strong.

Used the new KBUSA 24 kg bell the whole time and I really am starting to love it. I seem to have instantly gotten used to the longer window and the finish on the handle is perfect. The slightly longer swing stroke actually worked to my advantage today.
Interesting. All I know is that I wanted to use it and not my vintage DD so I did and it was excellent

24 kg Speed swings
15:15 x 10 per arm
17 min
34 sets
340 reps
18,020 lbs

lowest rate of Perceived exertion yet. ever. No double breathing and didn't even look up until 13 minutes in. Don't know why is was so strong but it was and it's a good omen

Sandbag walking lunges
32 lbs x 4 laps of 20 steps

strong too.Best eccentric control yet and wind was solid too

Parallel bar pushups ( feet up on tall bench)
3 sets of 20

the taller incline made in more of an incline than flat press which was fun. have to add this in for variety now

rear delts
 3 sets of 15 with 15 lbs

strong and easy

BW 163.8 !
BF 12.
W 56.8

weird. felt smaller and leaner

ok off to Seattle SMK tomorrow after noon. Can't wait, really looking forward to teaching this again


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