Friday, January 08, 2016

Thursday ruck

Missed getting this blog post in on time but here it is. pretty unremarkable except for my neck is still an issue.
I think the key thing is do not ruck then hone right after. Looking down after 1-2 hours  rucking with the weight on my shoulders was too much.
I did just an hour yesterday with 45 lbs and honed a bit too and have been paying for it all last night and today

Got a chiropractic adjustment this afternoon; that should show you how bad it was. My last adjustment was in 2009 I think :) The occiput was out, the same clunk I felt last sunday. Chiro put it back in but it was a big move.
It might take awhile to calm down muscularly but it's back in the right place. Square plumb and neutral sometimes takes more than a roller or lacrosse ball provide.
Like I always say, when you need a chiropractor or a surgeon, nothing else will do.
And today I did.
I'd forgotten how much force goes into old school chiropractic! It's freakin' violent. But when the bones won't move that's what it takes.
Now to relax everything :)

Thursday ruck
45 lbs
60 min
6 laps
8:15 third lap
8:05 sixth lap

not the fastest but everything felt ok at the time .even my neck

swings did not seem to bother it so we should be good to go for tomorrow
I'll tell you this though. I have not missed the pain and it ain't coming back for good!


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