Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday Ruck

Well almost back to normal? Rib feels ok. Sleeping on it was fine. doesn't seem to be a problem so WTF was yesterday about? I did pre tape it with kinesiotape thinking that would help maybe it was too tight?
 No problem at all on the ruck and it feels basically normal now; perhaps it 'clunked" back in?  So strange.

But the ruck was very strong. Not that fast as I am trying to walk more upright with less lean and that slows me down but puts me in a better head posture. Speed is not more important than that.

Also took the weight up from last week to 45 lbs but not 50 yet. Need to come back slowly and let my body adjust to the new posture first.
Legs felt light and loose and cardio was good.

45 lb ruck
12 laps
10 iso squats
5th lap= 8:17
7 th lap = 8:10
11th lap= 8:01

not bad at all. feel great now

BW 162.8
BF 11.7
W 57.4

ok heavy presses tomorrow, shooting for at least 3 sets of 5 and 2 sets of 4


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Diana said...

Cant' wait to get out there again for a ruck. It's just been seriously cold to do this right now. I like cold, but there is a limit and it's just not worth getting all the gear ready to spend only a few minutes.