Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Speed Swings, 24 kg 340 reps,walking lunges, horiz pushups, kb rows

Surprisingly hard workout but not for the obvious reasons. Lower back ( left side) got a bit tight halfway through the set, I'm sure from too much pistol practice these last few days. No biggie and it didn't freak me at all I just made the work harder.

It was also interesting that the alternating of snatch vo2 with swing work does not make the swing day easier; if anything it makes it harder. We lose a week of more specific conditioning and I think speed swing works makes snatch vo2 workouts easier but not vice versa

Glenn concurred so I think it's back to just speed swing work on wednesdays. the overhead snatch work as nice but not essential. I also want to try to go back to kb presses again. That would be awesome.

Otherwise the work load was ok. Started double breathing at 11 minutes or so as my back tightened up.

The start was easy; weight felt like and speed good. The middle section was tough but then I just put my head down and when I looked up it was just a minute to go!  Doing this weekly will help find all these rhythms faster too.

Speed Swing
24 kg
34 sets of 10 / 30 seconds
340 reps
18,020 lbs ( 9 tons)
17 minutes

Walking lunges
4 laps of 40 steps

not bad  mostly unbroken

Horiz pushups

shoulders and upper back are tired. didn't push this at all

KB row
24 kg x 8/8 x 3 sets

actually this work out on this day. It needed to find a home. After all those sets and reps a few heavier sets if easier to do.

ok ruck it tomorrow!


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