Monday, August 10, 2015

24 kg KB Press, 32 kg Belt squat, 35 Floor pushups ( pr), sled pull, db rear delt

This went way better than expected. While not perfect my overhead position felt the best it has in eons. and the bell felt light. When I felt this and thought, "well, it's only 24 kg" I realized my most usual training weight with the bar bell is about 100 lbs and the 24 kg is half of that so it's about even in terms of load!

My shoulders are definitely better and the credit has to go to the hangs, and perhaps, the military press. Not sure if I'm going to stay with the kb or the press but it's nice to have the choice now.

KB press
16 kg x 5/5 x 2
20 kg x 3/3 x 3
24 kg x 3/3
          x 4/4
          x 5/5 x 2

lockouts were better than expected as i wrote but the real key will be seeing how the shoulders feel when I wake up . I'm betting fine.Still have to hang again later :)

Belt squat
32 kg x 10
          x 12
          x 14
          x 16

easy and deep although quads ares stiff from all the work this weekend but no sore

Floor pushup
35 pr!

99 reps! wow if I had know I would have done 2 more for a total pr,lol I was shooting for 40 reps on the first set but my shoulder starting moving around after 30 so I decided against.

Sled pull
105 x 250 ft x 4 laps

stronger than last week.

db rear delt
15lbs x 12 x 3 sets

need these still. wish I had the energy for more sets. hard to believe I used to do 20 sets just for rear delts alone,lol

datsit/ one day rest than 20 min of speed swings
here we go!


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