Wednesday, August 12, 2015

24 kg Speed Swings, 20 min, walking lunges, Horiz pushups. KB rows

This was a tough one. Going for 20 minutes after the beast day working is proving not to be the best plan. We can do it but it's not maximal for this performance at all. I was a bit sore when I started so while I got though it decently it was much more about mental toughness than training adaptation.

So the plan is to put a 10 min easy day the workout after the Beast peak, then come back the next week and do the 20 min set
It will look like this:

1) Sat 48 kg swings
2) Wed 10 min 24 kg
3) Sat 32 kg swing
4) Wed 20 min 24 kg
5) Sat 36 kg swing
6) Wed 12 min 24 kg
7) Sat 40 kg swing
8) Wed 18 min 24 kg
9) Sat 44 kg swing
10) Wed 16 min 24 kg


that should separate the two swings, heavy and volume by a little bit more and let me put more into the 20 min set. It also puts a lighter swing load right after a heavier one so should also give a little less intensity in the week before the beast work
so the swing progression looks like this

10 min
20 min
12 min
18 min
16 min

we'll see. As we get stronger it's harder to recover so little variations on the loading and the intensity make bigger difference.

BUT we got it done today. and it was a workman like effort Not a lot of fun but not torture either.
I started double breathing at 6 minutes but things loosened up after 12 min and the rest of the set was stronger than the first.

Negative splits even here

Speed swings
24 kg
10 reps min 20 sets
400 reps
21,200 lbs
ten tons!

walking lunges
4 laps of 40 steps

tough! now just tired quads on fire!

Horiz pushups p bars
4 sets of 15
60 reps

slower tempo reps and more pause at bottom

KB row
24 x 6/6
28kg x 6/6
32 kg x 6/6

solid one
short ruck tomorrow


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