Sunday, August 09, 2015

Heavy Ruck

Expected to feel much more beat up today but I was good to go. Slept well and woke up rested. Tracy and I got out right on time. Hot and humid and I ended up sweating off a record 3.4 pounds! Couldn't believe it. Didn't sweat that much in Bikrams :)

Ruck= 54 lbs
12  laps
2 hours
10 iso squat holds
didn't time any laps

we were slow today and I messed up the lap count but we walked for two hours steady. I'm pretty sure it was twelve laps but I'm not used to talking on Sundays,lol. Normal pace so I'm sure we're good.

Squats felt fantastic today and I got NO residual anything from yesterdays left leg work. It opened up right on cue. This is a freaking miracle for me. Nothing less

ok tomorrow some single kb press practice. really hope this works


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