Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fast Ruck

Surprisingly good ruck this morning. Fast, too, Tracy and I finished a full five minutes ahead of the two hour mark although I wasn't conscious of pace until the 10th lap when I looked and we were way ahead of schedule

I even used the Ranger Beads Morgan gave me a gift to make sure I didn't lose lap count again this week. Not their intended purpose but they worked great for the task.

Lightening up the workload helped me recover just a bit faster and good thing it did; I was feeling rode hard and put up wet.

Pack felt light and legs felt loose

Closer each day to "a back of iron and legs that never quit", the real goal

54 lb ruck
1 hr 55 min
13,350 steps
10 30 sec iso squats
6.21 miles ( according to iphone)
 last lap 8:10

still feeling good 2 hours post. back to barbell presses tomorrow


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