Sunday, September 01, 2013

Walking practice

6:30 am walking practice:

4,968 steps
2.15 mile
ave speed 3.0
total time 42:12

this free pedometer app is great. really working on all parts of gait mechanics: full extension at contact point, straight leg in support phase,full stretch into toe off in rear phase, bend then lift the knee in swing phase. Rinse and repeat.

Very interesting what muscles are actually working on their own ( glutes, calves) now that the unstable wonky knee is gone.

Also did block long marching drills focusing on high ( as possible without losing back position) knees and cross body pattern.

9 more days left of my 'vacation' and I'm going to make the most of it 

Not a great nights sleep. tried to minimize the meds and it didn't work well. got some sleep but achy leg muscles made the rest of the night miserable. Todays strategy: take the oxy RIGHT before I go to bed and work backwards on the rest of the day, splitting pills as necessary now.

Otherwise than that great day yesterday. The walk got slower at the end and I could feel fatigue but not pain. make great point NOT to change gait mechanics to compensate for fatigue. This is great. So love being out before the sun comes up and the world starts to get noisy, smelly and hot :)

Just the first workout; have stretching, mobility, cpm machine and myofascial work to do later
Now ice.


Kettlebell Courage Corner said...

Mark, thank you for sharing your progress as you rehab after the knee surgery. I have never experienced a major injury, just a bunch of nicks here and there over time, and never had surgery. So I cannot relate on that level. However, I find the spirit in your posts very inspiring, particularly in the face of trying to come back into form from major surgery. That spirit can be applied to all facets of life not just training.

Mark Reifkind said...

glad that you are getting something out of it. not many readers of this blog left but I record things for the future for myself.
if I can inspire just one person that is enough :)
and yes, I find the same need for spirit and strength applies to many facets of life not just training injuries

Diana said...

Sunrise and sunset are the most beautiful parts of the day-no matter what part of the world we call home!

Just a note in case you didn't know...Oxy has acetaminophen in it, so make sure you don't Tylenol in between or you'll be next up for a liver transplant. Disregard if you already knew this. I see a lot of accidental overdoses because of this.

Mark Reifkind said...


I did know that I just can't wait to get off so I can drink wine again!