Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday walk

A pretty hard one today after yesterdays heavy work but good nonetheless. I drove to the Campbell Park trail to do compete a full loop and another goal accomplished. Wasn't bad at all but I think I like doing my laps around my park even better.

hate driving there, no parking and only decent dirt on the return route; just asphalt on the way out.
Took 30 minutes for my legs to warmup as well. NO stretchout first; an experiment. Calves, shins and knees were not as happy. Lesson learned, stretch out the feet and the calves before a long walk.

5,436 steps
2.31 miles
2.6 mph
53 minutes

Getting there but the hardest part is fitting in all the extra recovery work I need to do to help with the extra PT work I have to do :)

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