Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Two week anniversary workout


After yesterdays smaller volume I decided that I would try to do a longer walk today to celebrate my two week post TKR anniversary. I was pretty knackered all afternoon though, don't know why, but I was just tired. Knee was ok and calf was less tight but I took more than a few naps.:)

I DID manage to get through the night with just one oxy which is HUGE! Woke up at 1:30 am and used the roller, stick and lacrosse ball to open things up rather than take another pill and this time it worked! Back up at 3 and that was enough time to wait.

Big walk! 
6:30 am
7,361 steps
3.13 miles
53 minutes
3.5 mph

PLUS most of it was without the cane. Just carried it. Did use it the last 12 minutes or so as I was fatiguing and didn't want to let my gait get too wonky.
some fun on the pbars:

Then stair practice:
UP 15 steps- no problem 

DOWN 15 VERY slowly letting the rear leg stretch on each rep. not too bad, but man have I forgotten how to do this :)

 11 am
One arm swings
12 kg x 10/10 x 5 sets
100 reps!!

Olympic bar curls
4 x 7 

easy :) should have added weight

Trainer x 3
#1 x 3 singles
# 1.5 x 3 almost singles
#1 x 3 singles
#1.5 x 2 almosts

great a real workout.

what a blessing. what a privilege it is to be able to move and work and suffer with the effort of good work. I am very lucky to have this chance to start over again. very lucky. and I will not male a mess of it or ever take it for granted. This, I swear.



Morgan L. said...

That is truly remarkable progress. Even Carol says so!

Mark Reifkind said...

hey and thanks! today was a good day. slept well last night really helped.

Aaron Friday said...

In California, is it common to find parallel bars along walking paths? You look really good! I'm really glad this is working out for you.

Mark Reifkind said...


it's called a 'Parcourse" and was popular back in the jogging 70's and 80's. they have all kinds of stations: rings, situps, pushups, etc as well as the metal p bars. pretty cool eh?

and thanks it is working out well. SO glad I listened to Tracy's advice to do this sooner rather than later :)

thanks for commenting appreciate it.

Diana said...

I absolutely LOVED how you threw that cane up ahead, with authority, as you tackled the bars!
Being in the incredible shape you were, pre-op, has truly made your recovery go this well. I see so many others who take forever to get to even taking steps for a few feet, let alone miles!
God bless for continued healthy recovery!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Diana, glad you caught that :)Don't plan on keeping that much longer.

and absolutely the shape I was in pre surgery helped tremendously with getting this going so quickly BUT so did so many years of living with a painful knee that didn't bend much or work well.

I have years of strategies around moving with only one working leg/hip.

that's part of what I have to do, get beyond those old compensations and develop new patterns of correct movement.