Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Solid day of rehab,work and training

It didn't seem like I slept well but awoke with good energy and less pain than the day before. The knee and the leg is feeling more normal than ever and I am trusting more and more that when I put weight on my left foot my knee won't hurt and buckle. It's cool :)

Doc told me yesterday to spend more time on the bike and doing revolutions so that's what I focused on this morning.
Had to use airex pads to raise the seat and it was tough( up on toe, hip shift) to get even one revolution but after a few it started oiling up and the reps got easier. I need an upright as I don't like shifting the hip so much.
Worried about my back.

Lots of stretch work all morning today with squatting opening up , half kneeling getting better, back over ball, and seated heel slides.

No mid morning crash and only one oxy yesterday!

Clubbell swipes
2 10s x 10 x 3
2 15s x 10, 12, 14 x 2 rounds

these felt great! the close stance really let me work ankle flexion as well as knee flexion. it didn't hurt at all and felt very "right". weight felt light. this has always been a strong, natural movement for me.

Bodyweight lunges:

using a stick for balance but these felt GREAT! NO knee pain at all and also felt very "right". Excellent stretch on the rear leg for rectus femoris and of course knee ROM, great ankle and toe dorsi flexion( which is sorely needed) and of course all the great quad glute and calf work on the lead leg.
Way better than expected.

4 sets of 4 feet( 20 each way)
these also went very well and will definitely be in my tool box forever. Lots going on here that needs improvement but the main thing is that I can do it at all and it didn't hurt. I don't think there will be ramifications tomorrow for it either.

this would a great day. finished strong with a 'wee' bit left in the tank for the first time since the surgery.
Tomorrow is a low intensity, longer walk when I get home from work. Can't neglect that but man, there's a lot of stuff I have to do everyday :)



Morgan L. said...

Those are KILLER shorts! Great work out too!

Diana said...

That poor lady with the baby stroller making a mad dash for home away from the crazy guy crawling around the sidewalk! LOL....

Looking good-and agree about the shorts! Nice!

Mark Reifkind said...

Morgan yea they are uber cool :)

Mark Reifkind said...


didn't see the lady in the stroller but it makes sense :)