Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Four weeks post op

Good day. Slept well and long. Took my 1/2 oxy at midnight just because I knew I should but it wasn't that bad. Got a good stretchout this am and knee and ankle felt pretty solid. Lots of tight of course but definitely going in the right direction.

Lowered pad on half kneeling lunge stretch to folded yoga mat. No problem but lots of stretch.Myo ball and IT band work.

Break around 8 and did prone quad stretch against wall and that was painful. things just started to light up.Isolated static stretches seem to really create pain and tension. then did prone quad stretch with strap and this has lots of potential .Need to tie in dorsiflexion with knee flexion and that's the toughie. Knee flexion with plantar flexion not so hard but it doesn't seem like it will translate

Lots of food. Coffee with cream and honey, bagel with cream cheese and oj milk and protein powder shake all before 7. felt good.

1/4 oxy at 10 and this helps immediately so more dynamic mobility for squatting movements and more half kneel stretches.

walking feels solid

CB swipes
10 lbs x 3  x 10
15 lbs x 12
          x 12
          x 14
          x 16
          x 18
          x  20

strong and easy but like last time I'm not sure my shoulders like these. back to snatches next week

Bodyweight lunges

these were good and tough at the same time. started off with the staff as a cane and switched to the squat rack position after one set. this challenged my balance more but activated the stabilizers more and that made it easier than the supported stance

4 sets of 8/8

Sled drag

these were great. just last week I bailed half way through these from sheer fatigue. today was strong but I can still see  I need more hip flexion and toe off. pleased as punch though. my leg is straight and tracking right and I don't have to think about it

4 laps of 200 ft with 45 lbs
1 of 200 with 55 lbs

supersetted with standing marching as Glenn did his set. these felt really really good.Definitely will help hip and knee flexion

Upright bike
about 100 revolutions!!!!

Once I got warmed up it was pretty much no problem and almost no side shift! still have to get the ankle dorsi flexed but one thing at a time



Diana said...

You're like a kid in a candy store with that new knee! Doing anything and everything you want!
Glad it's going well!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Diana, it has it's up and downs believe me but it's funny being able to try new things without the same old pains; just new pain :)