Thursday, September 05, 2013

Deload walk and some stairs, first walk no cane.

Took it easier today and walked 2864 steps about two miles in about 40 minutes Went slower worked on technique and de loaded a bit.But I did it with NO CANE at all. Didn't even put it in the car.I felt I was ready.
 At the end did these stairs twice

Man, I have literally FORGOTTEN how to walk down stairs correctly. I haven't done it in so long I have completely lost the pattern! This was good start to re learning.

afterwards ice, foam roller, stretching and knee rocks on the stability ball.

Morning surprise. I could hang my left leg completely down to the floor, to 90 degrees with no pain first thing,which I couldn't do yesterday.

Not a great nights sleep, calf cramps, Diana suggested compression stockings so I wrapped my calf slightly with an ace bandage ( lightly) to create some compression and see if it helps tonight. the stockings are coming saturday

weight up a bit to 151.5 appetite much better. feel more normal than sick. No night sweats last night thank G-d, those suck.

lots of little work all day long today. a good deload day. tomorrow to the studio to play on the recumbent bike, elliptical and treadmill. this should be interesting.


Diana said...

It's truly amazing how our bodies can compensate for "badness". We don't even know we're doing it sometimes until we don't have to do it anymore!

Mark Reifkind said...

I knew I was doing something but didn't know what or just how much. I had no other choice of course but it's interesting.

It's also interesting to try to re learn and re pattern this NEW body with one leg no one 3/4 shorter but probably 1/4 longer than before!

ANd one that will hold my weight like it hasn't in years. LOTS to learn and figure out.

but I can walk without pain and fairly normally. that's what I wanted out of this and I have it already. :)

Diana said...

Love a good success story! This is why I love my job in health care-so many cool things happen to people!
Love the excitement you have..can't wait to hear when you both get some bikes! And then get that Girya Strength cycling jersey made, I need some new ones!
Continued prayers as you heal!