Monday, September 02, 2013

More walking and still no sleep

Even with more oxy sleep is poor. I get no more than a few hours( if i'm lucky) before  tightening calf, hammy and IT band wake me up. Searching for a leg position that doesn't do this ( and believe me I've tried everything twice) and it's a bit frustrating.

It's one thing to deal with pain, another to deal with pain in the night, and quite another to ( try) to deal with pain in the night when you're exhausted from no sleep and tons of day pain and no solution in sight.


But as exhausted as I may be as soon as I actually get up, instead of trying to eke out a few more minutes of "sleep" , have a coffee I start to feel pretty good.

For today's walk Tracy and I went to the Campbell Park and walked around the parcourse.
And, of course, since she was with me I went too far and too fast. Not drastically just a  bit too much

6004 steps
2.56 mile
45 min
3.4 mile mph

this is more than what the mile markers said at the park but I'm going with the data from the pedometer. This is a solid pr and perhaps the most I've walked continuously in 20+ years :)
Tracy helped me a lot in my gait pattern, she is developing a very good coaches eye.

Worked on getting my ankles to actually bend as I go through the ROM. Cues were to lift the heel instead of toe off and lift the foot in swing phase instead of lift the knee. All good although I had to ice and stretch as soon as I got home

Bodyweight: 150 lbs  ouch. not sleeping ,eating or training will do that to a guy. No worries it will come back soon enough.

11am Grip work
x 3,4,5 x 3 rounds

#1 ordered.

back to sitting on the stability ball and doing tons of knee rocks to get the knee to bend more. a very easy way to get LOTS of flexion reps in without even  thinking about it.

Also, can tolerate the foam roller ( blue only) now and that helps.



Jim Mara said...

Rif, I've been following your blog for the past 6 months. Reading about your workouts and the amount of pain that you have been dealing with on a daily basis for the past several years, with that you keep on keeping on rarely missing a workout is inspirational! It demonstrates that there is no stronger will than the human will to overcome a particular obstacle. I'm amazed at how far you have come since your knee replacement less than two weeks ago, it's awesome to read about! I knew someone who had both knees replaced due to gymnastic injuries and he came back to exercising at a very high level as will you. I'm sure you have already thought of this, I would try Walking barefoot in grass or beach sand which in return may help with more kenesthetic feel with proper foot mechanics. Good luck, and I look forward to reading more posts. It has helped me with my own kettlebell training! I personally find the KB to be superior to any other external weight training tool out there. I like training with one bell which is asymmetric in nature and mimics more real life and sports. Lastly, training asymmetrically will make you more symmetrical!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Jim for commenting and that inspirational story. pavel already recommended barefoot walking in grass and other uneven surfaces. I have been wearing vibrams exclusively for the last 3 years because I literally couldn't tolerate any other shoes.

I'm ready to wear real shoes for a change though. I agree with you totally on the single bell, that's what healed my back- single bell ballistics!