Tuesday, September 03, 2013

An odd vacation

Seemed to have figured something out last night, or I am just healing,but I actually slept very well, with only one night sweat tshirt change and pretty much pain free until 2 am when the left calf wanted to get up. that was 6 hours of decent rest. Took an oxy right before bed at 8, seemed to have worked well but I had 4 overall yesterday.

Not going to worry about it this week. I'm on vacation.

I never take vacations. I have nothing against them but I just never have. It seems only when I get hurt do I get a chance to take time out and take care of myself. It's an odd way to get to 'relax' but it's something.
I have 6 days, including today  until I have to go back to work and then won't be able to focus on myself from the start , when I am most rested and have the best energy.So I am going to enjiy every day of this week. and if the calf pain would let go it bit it would make it easier.

The calf pain feels 'nervy', very much like sciatica, and it very well may be sciatica. I got up, got on the floor and rolled out, did some up and down dogs and stretched out the hammies. got to sleep for another hour.

as per usual once up I felt much better

6:15 am sun just coming up, so beautiful and fresh air.

2748 steps
1.17 mile
1.8 mph
39 min total

This was exactly what I needed, a down day, stepping back but still challenging the walk in different ways.
started off purposely slow , concentrating on toe off. Stop at a Church a couple blocks in and practiced some stair work  5 stairs x 3 times. then back into the walk

at the part used the bleacher stair to do  lunge type stretch.plant the foot and lean in. good knee and calf stretch.

as per Pavel's advice I did a one foot static calf stretch off the bleacher. hold for about a minute. need to do this one lots more. a long static calf stretch.

varied the terrain I was walking on. From dirt path to wet grass, to dry grass, tan bark,back to dirt,etc, Also played with walking on the curb as if it were a balance beam. excellent for everything especially balance and stability training. one the way home did 3 blocks of walking backwards!

Now this is really felt was important. TONS of quad work as well as ankle and calf. Once I got back to the house did two more 200 ft sections backwards. Love it.

So this one was slower, shorter and less intense but incorporated all kinds of great rehab and PT movements. Oh, also did my first supported squats, holding onto a tree, with a medium width stance. Not much depth but it didn't hurt much either.

Took the cane with but didn't use it much at all except on the varied terrain and at the end of the walk, when I felt the leg fatigue.

Afterwards, ice and LOTS of myo ball and rollering and thumping. This was great and it's just the start of the day.

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