Saturday, August 31, 2013

Air swings and 1.5 mile walk

 Got the best nights sleep I've had in the last 10 days and what I difference it made.It wasn't even the full night but it was wonderful. Felt so much better waking up. Plus NO headache upon awakening.
only took 3 oxy's yesterday so perhaps that helped. But I also stopped the adaptogens as well so I'm not sure which it was. a couple more days like this then add back in some adaptogens. Figured out how to jerry rig a jump stretch band to keep my ankle in dorsi flexion during sleep and that helped a lot too. much less calf tightness in the AM.

Walked with Tracy this morning and that was awesome. 1.5 miles in the cool morning fresh air. man it was brilliant! This is going to be my mobility work,my leg strength work as well as re patterning work for quite awhile. Can't wait to add stair work in too but today I went up all the curbs left leg first on the up and left leg first on the down.
My  progressions to walking DOWN real stairs.

Air swings
4 x 5
1 x 6
1 x 8
1 x 10
3 x 5

Barbell curls
4 x 5 with 45 lbs

Pbar Dips

Trainer x 8 total reps done in singles, alternating hands.
( just purchased the #1- this will really help maintain my strength until I can go heavier for real.)

Nice! I actually feel closer to being myself again than I have since the surgery! Went out to breakfast and hung out and Bs'dwith the  boys for hour plus so energy is much better too.

Now, however, I need a nap :)


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