Saturday, August 03, 2013

My knee replacement

It's official. On Aug 21 I will get a completely new left knee. My knee got destroyed in a tumbling accident in 1974 and reconstructed right after. Rehab and strength training in those days was non existent so my knee never got beyond 90 degree of ROM.Add in 39 years of high intensity training and it became the arthritic non functioning piece of shit that it is today.

I was told I should have had it done in 2000 but I just wasn't ready to believe that I couldn't find a way, without major surgery, to get it work well. Now I am. It's not me it's the joint and it's just broke down and no rehab or mobility regime is going to fix that.

I can't wait to be able to walk without thinking of every freaking step, climb up AND down stairs like a normal person, train my legs, ride a bike, squat down with both legs. And the list goes on. This will not only be a game changer but a LIFE changer for me. Can't wait.

And I still plan on travelling to Croatia to teach the SFG cert nine weeks later.

Let's Rock.


Diana said...

Even after all the years I've been in health care, it still amazes me what can be done to the human body to get it back in check!
Prayers that all goes well on the 21rst!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Diana,me too completely amazed at what can be done!

shortnginger said...

really pleased for you mark the fact you train as you do and aim for continual improvement with your troublesome knee (and other joints!)- is a huge inspiration to me - 2 yrs ago i jolted my right hip whilst running and thought nothing of it some 6 months later it was still niggling to the point i could no longer run - finally went to the docs and diagnosis was pretty bad arthiritis in my right hip - 12 months later back in to docs and it has got even worse - they threaten replacement etc but i have chosen - at this point to keep moving rather than opt for surgery - i deal with the pain pretty much all day every day - running is no longer an option, cycling is in a fashion - but the only constant i have is good form swing/snatches for keeping my hip mobile - your blog(and tracys)/help has been and indeed is invaluable to me - and im sure your op and subsequent recovery will be just as inspirational and informative - many thanks Mark

Bear said...

Hoping for a speedy recovery, you are a role model!

Bear said...

Hoping for a speedy recovery, you are a role model!