Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Last real workout before the knee replacement: Double 24 kg swings.

I remember when this weight for 10 reps was my goal. I remember it very well because it was not that long ago at all. I only recently took up double bell swings early this year and when I did double 16's kicked my ass and double 24's seemed only a dream. Today they were easy and a light day's workout.

I love being able to see progress again like I used to. Do the work, see the result. That used to be the template. For so many years I couldn't even do the work so I didn't expect much progress and I didn't get it! But moving at all was a blessing and I was happy. Now I'm even more happy.

Knee felt good all day and walking was not a problem. Didn't have to wear the brace or the sleeve and that's a change. I'm ready to go for this thing and I have another 6 days to go. I know it will be here before I know it but it feels like it used to feel getting ready for  a meet and having to taper that last week.

You're ready, strong, peaked motivated and you get to do - NOTHING. Until the meet. and you can't even get excited about it or you will overspill adrenaline and not have it when you need it. So I need to stay calm, in the present moment and lets things happen. It will be here soon enough and all will be different forever.

Two bell swings
2 16's x 8 x 2
2 20's x 8 
2 24's x 8 x 11 sets
88 reps
9328 lbs

these started well and went better. The last set ( 10) wasn't perfect so I did another as I needed to finish on  a high note.

Sled drag
60 lbs x 200 ft x 6 - 1200 ft
          x 400 = 1600 feet total

these went well. I stole a technique from one of the PT's at work vis a vis gait mechanics and it works very well.Basically just hold your arms by your side and walk using T spine rotation with no arm drive. It's amazing at how well it activates the leg hip action completely naturally. I incorporated this into my sled work and it was amazing. SO much more power and drive. and i also got to realize just how little torso rotation I actually get when I am walking.

SO much more work to do on gait mechanics and patterning coming up VERY soon ,lol

barbell curls
45 lbs x 10 x 4 sets

light easy day. perfect.

Rickey Dale Crain, one of the best powerlifters of all time, six weeks after total hip replacement on the top of a 14,000 peak. :) All I have to do is fly to Croatia and teach a bit in 9 weeks. :)


Kettlebell Courage Corner said...

Good luck with the knee replacement next week Mark. I am wishing you a speedy, and strong, recovery.

Mark Reifkind said...

thank you KCC :)

Ada Woodworth said...

I'm grateful that I've found your blog -- such an inspiration. I'm scheduled for right hip replacement in November while my left hip has started to deteriorate as well. I love yoga; it's the love of my life and seeing how he conquered 14,000 ft after surgery, I'm confident that I'll be able to continue yoga as well. I've read a lot, thanks to this article, but I really hope to hear those that lived with it. Thanks.

Mark Reifkind said...

welcome Ada, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Great luck on your surgeries, I hoping to do half as well as Rickey! I hear hips are easier to recover from than knees as well.

Ken's Kettlebell Blog said...

Good luck on you Knee replacement. Because you are already fit and strong, your recovery will be much quicker than people who don't train.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Ken, that's my fervent hope!