Thursday, August 29, 2013

The long day of the night.

Night time is the worst. It seems pain increases 10 fold in the dark and the hours seem like  days when you can't sleep. It's hard enough to deal with pain when you are awake and have energy. when you're exhausted and you are supposed to be resting and sleeping it's just that much harder.

Compared to the night before, when I awoke at midnight with when was tantamount to a migraine( which I never have had before) last night was pretty easy. But an hour after coming to bed my leg got 'achy' and I couldn't find  a comfortable spot to rest it. Which meant; no sleeping. Ice on, ice off. Massage ball under: calf, hamstring, IT band, glutes, calf ,etc., etc., etc.

Sleep came in fits and starts and had to wake up to take meds at midnight. Helped a little. When you get into this recovery mode there really is no day or night. Just times when you are awake and times when you are asleep. When I'm awake I try to work on something;rarely is there just rest and relax but it's getting better.

Plus the night sweats. Opiates do that and this is no exception. Finally get some sleep only to wake up drenched in sweat. Nice. ;) At least last night was just once, not the three times the previous night.

I'm amazed Tracy gets any rest at all with all my tossing and turning but she's a champ and hasn't complained at all :)

Mornings, by contrast are my best time. Lots of energy( even after a bad night sleep) coffee, meds, stretching, mobilizing moving; all things that make me feel better.

Started doing pranayama breating in the AM to help open up my lungs, which the meds surpress.Very helpful.

First full lap around the block with just the cane. 1322 steps,.57 mile 22 min, 1.7 mph ( lol @ pedometer) NO PAIN! Nice.
Great way to start first day of Week Two.

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