Monday, August 05, 2013

32 kg Press first in two years.

I looked back to when I last pressed this bell and was a bit shocked to realize it was in September of 2011! That's a long time away from a weight I don't consider heavy :) But I guess it is now because I don't press it a lot. Good reasons to not do so but there are the facts.

But the shoulders are staying in the right place, recovering from the workouts and doing very well. Last weeks foray into 5's with the 24 was very encouraging as well as the previous weeks work with multiple sets of 2's with the 28 kg.It wasn't very long ago at all that I was happy to do some singles with the 24 kg again :) Hey, a press. ANYTHING :)

Since I only have a few more workouts to get in before I head into surgery and who knows how long before I can train heavy again I thought it might be nice to play with this puppy today.If I could :)

KB Press
16 x 5/5 
     x 3/3
20 x 4/4
24 x 2/2
28 x 1/1
32 x L miss/ R
     x 1/1 x 4

5 sets with the 32! nice. the first rep miss was just a mind tweak. I didn't get or stay tight and did exactly what I tell students that amateurs do when they try to press heavy: PUSH the weight up , instead of pushing away from the weight. So the bell spun out, I cleaned and tried again but the same thing happened. I transfered over and  the right side went up without a hitch.

Second sets was much better as I got my head focused and corrected the tension mistakes. Had to root harder and really get my lat tight to launch it.

It wasn't strict but it was solid. And I didn't break anything. Very important.

16 x 5/5
20 x 5/5
24 x 5/5
     x 6/6
     x 7/7
     x 8/8
     x 9/9
     x 5/5 x 2
90 reps
4770 lbs

These felt light, but it was hard cardio. Haven't snatched the 24 hardly at all lately and certainly not for volume after pressing . but I needed it

Belt squats
40 kg x 20 x 4 

these finally felt strong and good again and knee felt as solid as it has in weeks on these.Can't wait to be able do these much deeper in the coming year!



Ran T said...

Mark do you ever do high rep KB swings? Noticed your training logs are never much more than 5 reps. Are these done as intervals?

Mark Reifkind said...


No I don't. I don't like them as I've found after I get over 10 reps the bell speed and power go down tremendously.

I would rather do multiple sets of lower reps to build the volume and hence the foundation of strength, that way.

I occasionally do sets of 20 reps (10/10 on each hand )or two hand swings but it's not the norm.

I am an old powerlifter, I like strength, speed and power. my endurance I prefer at low intensity( sleds, walking etc)