Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Clean and press,long cycle

Another back off week as we're on the road again this weekend. This time to teach handstands and Pavel's Hardstyle Ventura workshop. Tough life eh? Getting paid to teach and train right on the beach, virtually, with the Chief Instructor himself, not to mention all the other luminati that will be there including MRKC David Whitley, Mark Cheng RKCTL, Mark Toomey RKCTL and so many others.

But it's still work and I have to show up fit for duty so I didn't want to take any chances with anything so just a medium workload to keep things moving in the right direction. So todays challenge was how to create some decent intensity without increase load or volume too much.

The answer was some higher rep sets with the 20 kg before hitting the 24 kg and using a clean before each press( long cycle), as well as going I go you go style with Tracy. The combinaton of the 'pre exhaust" with the 20 , the longer time of each set and the short rest periods made the weights and the load feel heavier than it was. Felt great

Hour long stretch out, as usual from 6-7 am, today concentrating on opening up my wrists and shoulders for the coming presses and handstands.

8:30 am warmup
cleans 16 kg x5/5 x3

Clean and press longcycle
16 kg x 5/5
20 kg x5/5
x 7/7
here's some video of the last set

these felt great,very fluid and strong. I don't post these videos to show off at all, I mean, c'mon, it's 20 kg for goodness sake but to study my form, my groove and if what I felt during the set matches what it looks like externally.

I would have killed to have this ease of video taping during my gymnastics days and I think it's crazy more people don't video tape themselves and critique their own form! As my brilliant wife Tracy says to newbie HKC or RKCs " be your own first client, tape your form and find the flaws" and she's right but why stop there?

I used to record my power squat workouts all the time looking at form and depth and technique and it helped tremendously. One must develop a very ,very good eye to be a good trainer and nothing helps more than looking at movement and mechanics and technique over and over and trying to see all the things, good and bad , that the movement presents'.One must LEARN to analyze movement and technique and this is such and easy way to do it.

Plus, this is my training log, always has been, just online, and it's great to be able to look back and what I did a few years ago and critique that and see how far I've come- or how far I fell,lol. You can also really learn to see the subtleties, and that makes ALL the difference as a coach or a trainer.

Be your own coach, then you will be able to coach others. Lead from the front.

Then onto the 24 kg

24 kg x 3/3
These went so easy. Could have done way more but running out of time.

Also, I kept my eye focus on the floor about 3-4 feet in front of me. The same as in the snatch. I was doing the clean with one eye focus( this one) and then looking almost directly ahead for the press. I know I have better overhead mobility with this slightly down and forward eye position, I think it will hold up in the heavier presses as well.

Handstand stack ups
8-10 sets of 5-7 stack ups( just kicking until the lead leg is directly over the shoulders

these went great but I have to watch the forearm tendons lately in my right arm after doing presses first. Cleans and presses really tighten the forearms and then the handstands stretch them out, sometimes too fast! a bit of kinesio tape and it's all betta.

Two Handed Clubbell casts
arm cast 15 lb x10/10
shield cast 15 lbs x10/10
arm cast 20 lbs x10/10
shield cast 20 lbs x 10/10
arm cast 25 lbs x10/10
shield cast 25 lbs x10/10

these went great and the 25lb'er is feeling light now with two hands. It should, but it didn't for a long long time. Little things like this add up and never neglect to take note and appreciate the little improvements.

Over time they always add up to big gains.

Ok one arm swings and kb lunges tomorrow!



Craig B. said...

Mark- I think I do that crazy arm thing you do when you are lifting with your left arm (looks like your right arm is trying clean as well- not at all present on the other side). I know I do it on one side or the other, maybe both. Weird, I'll have to check it out when I get home.

Mark Reifkind said...


good call man, talk about observing the details. I've never noticed that although I do know my messed up right shoulder causes all kind of weird things to go on with my left, mostly during snatches.

Interesting as well that I am not the only one who does it :))

I won't try to change it, though, just keep noticing what's going on. I am not exactly the most symmetrical guy around,lol.

thanks for the comment and the observation.

Mark Reifkind said...

actually now that I think about it, it may be because of my less than working left knee.
my left arm might be trying to add some more power into the hip drive as the knee doesn't do it's full job.

kettlebell.linköping said...

Mr Reifkind,

I couldn´t agree more, using the cam is such a great way to view oneself and get feedback from other. Wathing your tech is like poetry in motion!

Andreas Almén

Craig B. said...

Didn't notice it last night, but asked my wife to let me know if she sees it- I expect thinking about it stopped me, as I am pretty sure it is present at least some of the time.

Elizabeth Green said...

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