Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A year of Snatch Vo2 Training: All Time PR.

Well, this has a nice symmetry to it; one year,almost to the week, that I learned about using the 16 kg snatch as a tool to seriously increase your true cardio conditioning with Snatch Vo2 training I hit a supra max goal of 55 sets of 8 reps in the 15:15 protocol. My dream goal was to hit 50 sets of 8 which I did in March after 8 months of progressive increases once a week. Since the Level 2 cert is two weeks away and I was asked by Kenneth to provide some input on my max vo2 training this year during his presentation I thought it might be good to end the year with a bang.
I hit a 36:36 protocol pr last week, then a 24 kg volume pr on saturday and had a light day on monday so it was possible I had more in me.I've been sleeping well and my weight is back up so....?
At first I thought I would just do 50 sets again to put my seal on it but then I thought'why not 55 sets?' KJ has spoken of as many as SIXTY SETS for optimal conditioning! When he said that I thought, and told him, he was insane but now I know I could do it. Its amazing what consistent, progression training can accomplish. I've shown myself time after time and I still can't beleive it. The tortoise wins.But it's GOT to be progressive and that means you have to challenge yourself: just a bit, to keep going forward.
Because, really, you are either going forward or backwards. There is no not moving.Some consider moving backwards slowly as good and I can see their point.But if I can I really love to see forward progress.And today was definitely a good sign.
Tracy and I had talked about it last night when I was teasing that maybe I should do it. She said; "of course you can do it? What would stop you?"
I said, " not wanting to suffer that much".
She said " it won't be that hard. just do it."
Yet she was complaining about how much 5:30 Bikrams sucked so I told her if she went to 5:30 class I would do 55 sets. She agreed. I was screwed. Had to do it now. Damn.
BUT, I had great mind, or more precisely no-mind, or mushin,going in. I knew I had committed to doing it, I had no reason not to do it except that it would hurt a lot,it would be a perfect ending to a great training year so there it was. Nothing to think about except going into it 110% committed.And it was right there.
No stalling, no hesitation, no delaying,no surfing the net, just in, change , go. No warmup either.
Jump right in, the pain's just fine.
heres a wikipedia definition of mushin
Of course I was fixed on something. but just one thing.way cool.I love this place, it has just happened so rarely of late. I used to live here.

Snatch Vo2
55 sets of 8 reps(miscounted one set on #48 7 reps)
439 snatches
15,804 lbs
27.5 minutes
BW 157.2
max HR 200 easy.

Sets 46-49

here's the last four sets

things started out very casually and I was getting my reps in with a second or so to spare. at least on my right arm, my left arm has been more spastic lately. or maybe the right is just catching up now that if moves so much easier.I got through the first 25 sets pretty well and then it started loading up a bit. I was doing my half and half technique using as fast a corkscrew as possible on left and over the top on right.I know my lockout was short on the right a bit but I was really focusing more on a hard punch out and throwing the weight down as hard as fast as I could or I couldnt make the time limit.
also, concentrated on pushing through the floor hard as I punched out with the opposite leg. seemed keep the bell floating faster too.
Single breath hardstyle technique.
Tracy came in around set 45 and man that made the difference.having her yelling at you definitely just seals the deal.She's tough man and I've seen her push harder than almost every man I've ever seen, and I've seen some prodigies.So there's no quitting aloud.
I was very happy with my wind but even more happy with my bell speed. It stayed up to the end and that means power is way high all the way to the end.excellent.
Next week easy and then Level 2 cert! Can't wait.

oops, almost forgot the rest of the workout!

rack walks
16kg x 1200 feet switching hands every 200 feet.

this was tough after all that snatching but its a decent workload

Two Hand shield cast
15 lb cb x 10/10
25 lb cb x 8/8x4 sets

glad to have these back in the mix consistently. they rock.

Now, datsit.


ericc said...

Great job Rif...LOL it must be the

Mark Reifkind said...

lol, eric, you know I was just thinking it interesting that I have 'peaked' so well these last two weeks after adding that into the certainly helped my heat tolerance today. I sweated buckets.

Iron Tamer said...

I stand up and clap for you Rif!

Anonymous said...

I raise my glass to the Snatchan Rifstonyogi, who reminded me 'tis a years that's passed since I ID'd the problem in my pistol muscle, bore witness to the revelation that a hollow abdomen through explosive breathing is what gets me chinning the bar and completed our LEVEL TWO. karma police monitors my pressing at the ROP these days. The bell abides. . .


Mark Reifkind said...


thank you much Sir!

Mark Reifkind said...


I just love you man!you rock

Snatchan Rifstonyogi

Jordan Vezina said...

Great work Rif. Man, I'm not sure what language Will speaks, but I want to learn it.

Mark Reifkind said...

Will speaks an obsure dialect only he knows. I am sure he will teach it to you at the August cert.

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

You are endless source of inspiration .. amazing progress!

Gabi said...

Very impressive achievement, all the more as it was not one that had come easy but from perseverance, resilience and lots of hard work. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

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