Monday, June 09, 2008

Sometimes it just looks like it's gonna be too hard.

If it's Monday it's one arm swing workout day and I knew that the 32 kg was on the menu. I just wasn't feeling that hungry for such a man sized meal, but hey, what would putting it off to next week mean? Just that I would be that much weaker and less inclined to want to play with the big dog. So, time to sack up and just do it. I was ready for a beating that suprsingly didn't come. Ah, it's so nice when that happens and gravity is nice for a change.

One Arm swings ladders
24 kg x5/5

32 kg x
10/10 x 3 ladders = 270 reps then
5/5x 3 sets

300 reps
21,600 lbs

Nice! not really close to my PR of 400 but a solid effort, especially considering my training of late.I decided to really cinch up the grip and took the handle deep into the hand. This always makes my grip much stronger but kills the forearms, which for today, with such low reps, was fine.
As usual the rest periods started long and sped up as I warmed up. It was in the eighties in the garage but after that 104 deg Bikram sauna it felt fine.Heat stress is no joke, I could still feel the after effects of being so hot for so long. I rehydrated much better this time than last but know I would never want to do bikram training every day. It would make me too weak.Of course in the winter it might be a different story.

Snatch Holds
16 kg x
60 sec each arm
75 sec each arm
90 sec each arm

these were better but as usual forever in settling in for my right shoulder.Bikrams also kicks my shoulders ass so they were more fatigued than normal today.

Flag press
25 lb CB X 20 reps x 4 sets

no holds just press, stick and repeat. Good pump,lol.

LOTS of Z drill and Rifga floor work to open up today. Datsit.


Jordan Vezina said...

A client of mine commented that it was nice to see that you on occasion feel the same apprehension he does when getting ready for a heavy workout.

Mark Reifkind said...

I'm just like anyone else dude, hard is's not not wanting to do it that matters, it's doing it you well know.glad,though to be of some inspiration if I can.

Anonymous said...

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