Saturday, June 14, 2008

Snatch PR Baby! 305 with the 24 kg

It's good to be going in the other direction for a change. The entire weeks training was a step up starting with the strong 32 kg swings, the PR for 36:36 on Wednesday and now today. Having my bodyweight up a bit helped but it was only 157 this am so that wasnt the deal.I was just ready for this as evidenced by the easy 24o pr I had last Saturday. Somedays the peaks last more than a day.
AND, I will say this: the training I do with the Snatch Vo2 with the silly, litle 16 kg has made the MOST impact on my heavier snatch form, as well as power, of anything I have ever done training the kettlebell snatch. Trying to go fast and be powerful in any movement will always bring out the best form. Has to. Can't sprint fast with bad form can you? You can't do anything fast and powerfully with bad form. Can't do it. Same here. Same as with WSB box squat training. Use a lighter weight and try to move it faster. Produce more force with less weight. As well as more power. Plus clean up your form. Good deal all around.

Z drills 10 minutes
Rifga and stick drills 10 minutes
doing this warmup really helped a lot.

16 kg x5/5/5/5x2
20 kgx5/5

24kg x5/5/5/5 x 14 sets
x5/5/5/5/5x1 set
305 reps PR!
16,165 lbs

This went great! No problems as should be the case with PR attempts you are really ready for.. I used the five rep switch to save my hands as I knew the only thing that would stop me from getting my 300 reps would be torn calluses.It worked perfectly. I also used my half and half technique; with the corkscrew descent on my left arm and a HS over top on my right. Just works is all. No worries :))
Getting my diaphragm stretched out yesterday and this morning before training worked like a charm. It also helped release my tightening right shoulder.I was seriously bound up from bikrams as well as other stuff.I have to start doing my z and stretching PRIOR to bikrams to make sure I am as square and plumb before I start that practice as possible.

I was planning on just 300 but I knew Aaron's PR was 300 so I had to push him a bit. I know he will crush this as soon as he desires but it was great fun for me. Have fun Aaron!
Mo Bikrams tomorrow am



Joe Sarti said...

Congrats on a really nice PR. And you sure cannot get away with bad form when sprinting, just ask my hamstring :-)

Jennifer said...

I was looking at the pic of you on Tracy's next-to-the-last post, and though it might be camera angle, your left lower leg appears to have a fair amount of atrophy, and if I'm not mistaken that knee is minus a patella. Maybe? often mention your past injury and obviously remarkable rehabiilitation though I've not read exactly what that injury is. I was wondering if you have a post from the past that describes that and perhaps even part of your battle back from it. If that is too personal, I completely understand. My hope is to learn from it since my fellow doctors tend to have quite a closed mind about the rehabilitation process. Also, I like to be able to point patients in the direction of inspiration when I know others who have overcome a similar hurdle. Thanks regardless!

Gabi said...

Wow, congrats, Mark,

great stuff as usual!
Thanks for pointing out the carryover of going fast and powerful with a lighter weight: again, something I can't say I haven't known about and still missed to really make good use of.

Mark Reifkind said...


unfortunately youa re right. I destroyed that knww 36 years ago when I hit the ground twisting during a full twisting back somersault onto a too soft wrestling mat,. MY foot stuck while the rest of my body kept twisting. prety horrific full knee dislocation,followed by another one an hour later when the doctor tested it for "stability" of which there was none left.
everything was torn, all ligament( acl,pcl lateral) except for mcl. Plus destroyed cartilege. the casted me immediately with no ice or anti inflams then operated the next day then casted it again with no ice for 8 weeks. when i got out of the cast it was a solid object, no longer a knee.
rehab was cracking it open manually and I quit when I got to 90 degrees of flexion.
then I went back to gymastics training with no rehab at all nor strength training.
I do have patella although its hard to tell beacause of allthe scar tissue, calcification and arthritis buildup/
but hey it is 1000% better than it's been in years and I can walk decently again.
no offense against your profession but every doc and pr Ihave run into has been and idiot with no real understanding of these types of injuries or the real world implications. I do my own work and have and it has turned out much better. Of course powerlifting was the stupidest thing I could have done for it but hey, I've alwasy been tougher than smart :))

thanks for the comment and the concern

Mark Reifkind said...


there was also considerable nerve damage in the leg and calf. the doc said I came within millimeters of severing the femoral nerve.
as small as the calf is now it was much worse the last few years.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks joe.
sorry i havent returned your call about the radio show but I will soon ;))

take care

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks gabi

I think perhaps that that concept is the most underutilized and appreciated aspect of kb training.

Aaron Friday said...

Damn it. I was out of town, hanging out with my Dad for the father's day weekend when you wrote this. I had no internet. Why didn't you call, or send a card, or something? A telegram even: "Rif.....305....24kg..."

And then you blog like every fucking day, so your 305 PR is on the bottom of the page by the time I get to it, so I don't even notice.

Hell yeah, I'll crush that number, just as soon as I quit my job and devote my life to snatching. 300 took everything I had, and it sucked ass to do. I promised never to do it again, but now you're dragging me back in.

That's an AWESOME PR, my friend, and a huge jump over what you did before. Congratulations to you, and mad respect from me. You work so hard, and I love it when you see results like this.

So what's next? I do 306, and you do 307, or do we both go for 400?

Mark Reifkind said...

AAAH! there's the love! thanks man,lol. I know I've got blog OCD but I can't help it,lol.
as far as what's next probably be small little jumps like always, in round numbers. 310 or 320 I would beleive.400 by next year for sure. or sooner.
thanks again man and don't make me pull it out of you next time :))

ps can't wait to see what you do and I know it sucks,lol.
next step for me is to actually do my 100 snatches witht he 24 in 5 min and get that done.Then 200 with the 20 kg and get that done.

Aaron Friday said...

Round numbers like 305? I think I get the picture.

I intended to train with the 32, but it beat the hell out of my hands. WTH effect, indeed!

I'm going to make a run for 40/40, and a few new PRs ought to fit into that quest. 10 reps on the minute for 30 minutes would be meaningful to me, as would 12 reps on the minute for 20 minutes.

Of course, snatching for 5 minutes straight is always good, and probably something I need to train back up to.

Mark Reifkind said...

lol, ok to ME 305 is a round number.
ok 40/40 with the 32 kg? that would be insanely great. very great with the 24 too.
I will be very happy with 100 with the 24 in five.

for now.

Aaron Friday said...

Only 20/20 with the 32. I'll be delighted if I can do that. 40/40 with the 24.

Anonymous said...

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