Thursday, June 05, 2008

Ok I can't count either.

When I went into the garage today to train a client I took a close look at the hash marks on the side of the chalk box and quickly realized that I did not do 40 sets of 8 reps in the Snatch Vo2 yesterday. I did 45 sets! This is my kind of mistake. Yesterdays post and the snatch race manager have been edited for corrections.

ANd the good news is is that it looks like I am in 4th place in the snatch race( according to number of snatches, which is what I am counting) among the men.Lots of people start, but few can hang in.Hopefully I didnt just give my competition more motivation but hey,either way I am in for the long haul.

I will most certainly do 50,000 snatches and more, as I don't plan on stopping once I reach that milestone. 100,000?