Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Snatch Vo2

Another day at the office for snatch vo 2 day.Have decided that on 15:15 day it's just start with 8's and hang on as long as I can. It's a little confusing when I'm switching protocols every week but I basically know where to cycle; and if I'm a little off, no biggie.

Snatch Vo2
16 kg
45 sets x8
360 reps
12,960 lbs
ending HR = 190+

All reps were done hardstyle with single breath, over the top punch out technique. I started to run a little slow the last ten sets or so but that just meant I got 10 seconds rest between work bouts instead of 15. My cardio held up suprisingly well. I thought I would only get 35 sets but decided to keep going as I was just starting to warmup,lol!
Still not hot enough for me in Cali these days( damn global warming!) and that makes it easier to do more sets as well.Nice to see my conditioning is hanging in there pretty well.Still a bit sore in the left soleus and rectus femoris from all the Squatting on toes Bikram poses but I am working it out with rifga stretches and Z drills.

ran out of time for the rest of the workout but that's ok. need to get my weight up still and I got the important part in. It's amazing what one can get out of a few minutes and a kettlebell.

Heres a great blog post by Kenneth Jay explaining exactly why it's not steady state vs interval training that's the issue but exercise intensity and the best way to achieve it.