Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Swing day, the new plan.

OK, so here's the deal: I need to narrow down the weights I use for swing day so I can focus on breaking pr's more regularly. The current plan where I cycle four different weights,one per week, is too broad. SO it's two weights: the 24 and the 32 kg.If I alternate the weight each week but keep at the same percentages the volume shifts enough to make it look very interesting. Volume loads and unloads dramatically while intensity stays pretty even.I didnt want the volume with the 24 TOO high but this looks doable.
The real question though is not whether I can do this but what else will I be able to do IF I do this?LOL.Dats a lot of volume with ,for me, pretty heavy bells.
Plus adding in max vo2 AND a 24 kg snatch day. Oh yeah, clubs too,lol.SOunds perfect. Best laid plans...

{One arm swing PRs: 24 kg 600/ 32 kg 340}

week one 32 kg 70% :240 reps
two 24 kg 65%: 390 reps
three 32kg 75% 255
four 24kg 70% 420
five 32 kg 80% 272
six 24 kg 75% 450
seven 32kg 85% 289
eight 24 kg 80% 480
nine 32 kg 90% 306
ten 24kg 85% 510
eleven 20 kg 300
twelve 32 kb 101-103% of PR
thirteen 24 kg 101-103% of PR


Anonymous said...

for the reps...U doing those with or without a rest periods.
EX: 32kg 10/10 x12
10/10 rest and then the next set, or 10/10 alternating 12 times w/o rest??

Mark Reifkind said...

sets and reps.
jeez man I aint' nuts,:)) I do my set and rest til my hr is close to recovered and go again. I do mvo2 day for cardio. this I consider strength work.I want to be able to put as much power and force into each rep of each set as possible.
starting the set already out of breath won't promote that.
I do need to get a rythym between sets and too long a rest is as bad as too short.

Sean Schniederjan said...

i'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

funny things happen when you do a ton of swings. that's how i got 240 in the SSST (i wasn't training for the SSST intentionally). my volume per time with the swinging the 32kg was going through the roof and when i tried the SSST, i blew my old nos. out of the water.

fawn said...

I love how you plan your training... very thoughtful.

Mark Reifkind said...

we'll see if I do this. the problem is deciding what I want to really focus on.Normally my big volume/intensity day is saturday; I also want to focus on getting my double swipe and mill numbers up.
One can do it all, just not at the same time and I havent fully decided yet how to organize it.
One idea is to do these swings on Saturday, do swipes and mills as main movement on monday and alternate maxvo2 and 24 kg snatches on wednesday. we'll see. still thinking it through.
big swings though are SO tough.

Mark Reifkind said...
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Mark Reifkind said...

thanks fawn, it's the only way I know to proceed.I am surprised how little real planning I see among trainers and athletes.