Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Day Three

Third workout in three days and was a bit worried going into today's session.Woke up more sore than expected and was wondering the effect it might have on the snatches or my endurance with the 45 sets that were on the schedule. Things stretched and Z'd out nicely today and when I jumped right in I was suprised that I was actually moving as fast as I ever have.Form was spot on.The groove was greased.
Contemplated jumping right up to 8 rep sets but realized I didnt need to push it on all cylinders. Ah the joys of injury born maturity.
'Bout time.

Max Vo2 Snatch 15:15
16kgx29 sets of 7
16 sets of 8
331 reps
11,916 lbs.

not bad at all.lockout was easy and pace was solid. actually had time to mark down sets with chalk and wipe the sweat off as opposed to just having enough energy to stand there and breathe before,lol. These are the little things that tell me I am getting in better shape.Way more reserve even though at the end of the 45 sets HR was 190!Tried to sprint as fast as I could, the last 5 sets particularly.

CB Mills with 10lbs


needed this teshnik work. Have a lot of work to do with the 10's before I do many reps with the 15's.Really got into the rythym, particularly the last set and especially the left arm . picked up speed a lot the last 15 reps.

CB Barbarians
4 sets of 8/8 with 25 lb cb

ok, now my arms are really really done. I need a rest and some food.great way to start the new year though.



Aaron Friday said...

I need to educate myself about clubbells, because I don't know what you're communicating here. I wish I did.

I used to do "stick" forms with full-sized baseball bats, and that training made me feel like I could smash just about anything.

Judging from your Pop-eye forearms, I'm guessing that you, too, could smash just about anything.

Give me another year with kettlebells, and I may have to try what you're doing first-hand. Seems like a natural fit for me.

Mark Reifkind said...


if you check out you tube, or even my vids for the names you should be able to discern what's going on. and yes, the clubs seem a perfect compliment to the kbs to me.
since my weight is going up a bit I'm hoping it all goes to my forearms.

Brett Jones said...

Once a bodybuilder -always a...
Nice work Rif. I used to have a 15# clubbell and did enjoy it but just didn't find the conditioning and strenght benefits of KBs.

Mark Reifkind said...

agreed brett, on both counts,lol.
I think the kbs hands down are harder for cardio and overall conditioning.kbs seem more lower body dominant while the cbs tax my upper body more. a good balance for me since I can't do barbell work anymore.

Joe Sarti said...

Rif, all your training, nutrition, etc. is paying off. You looked very strong on Wednesday like you do when you have that Tuesday off. Your body is performing at its best (at least since we have trained together which this is the beginning of year 3)

Delaine R said...

Love the phrase "injury-born maturity." You're a beast!

Mark Reifkind said...

hey delaine!

thanks for stopping by. hope all is well for you.
I guess I should have learned something from all that pain,lol.not quite a beast yet but getting there; not much talent but I work like a dog.

Mark Reifkind said...


the good news is that I didnt have the tuesday off and was still strong. It's too bad that multiple sets with rest intervals don't build work capacity :))
and there is no doubt, this is the best I have been in a long time.

Franz Snideman said...

lots of snatches! Nice job bro!

Sara said...

"Z'd out nicely" I like it! ;) I read on tracy's blog that you BOTH will be at the San Jose cert. Excellent! Mike and I wil be there too.

Mark Reifkind said...


z'd out nicely describes it :)
I will be working at the cert but Tracy will be visiting.Fawn will be in town visiting as well.