Saturday, January 19, 2008

Speed snatches, two handed swipes and mills

Back to 24kg snatches today and wanted to focus on speed and power on each of the sets. I decided to do each arm separately and do some higher reps keeping the accereration high every rep.I locked out each rep but did not pause overhead; constant motion.I was snatching at my mvo2 pace, 7 reps per 15 seconds.

2 clubbell swipes
3x10 with 10's

24kgx 15 -15
189 reps
10,017 lbs

Tore a callous on the 9th rep on that set and didnt know how bad it was so I stopped.It was my fault as I didnt shave and sand my callouses after the max vo2 reps on wednesday and going for speed really increases the forces on the hands.wanted 200 reps but oh well.

Two handed swipes
2x10/10 with 15 lbs
2x10/10 with 25
1x30/30 with 15

wow,this was tough for even moderate reps but I love it. Very good leverage here for me.Here's the video:

Two handed mills( for Adam)
Normally I do single arm mills today but adam requested a video so I figured I would do them again. I definitely need the work with the 25lber.I can be fluid with the 15 but the 25 I still have quite a lag with my hip drive/rotation.Only second time with the 25 and probably the 4th time ever doing them.I do like them though, they give a very powerfull upper body feeling.
1x10/10 with 15
2x10/10 with 25
1x30/30 with 15

datsit. beautiful cali sunny day today. I need some warmth!


Adam said...

I like it! YOu know its funny Rif, i am looking at all the nice sun shine coming in the window. Dude its so cold up here. I offically can say i train like Rocky in #4. Last night when i walked in the gargage for my warm up it was 7 degrees. It took the heater 40 minutes just to get it up to 50.

Check out the horse shoes this week. I realised something the other night and than it all clicked. Now i have no issues at all with them

Thanks for the vid, i am going to try them tonight

Mark Reifkind said...

dude, I dont know how you live in that cold. its way too much for thse old bones. I've lived in Iowa, Colorado, Santa Fe and Oregon and now Nor cal and its too cold for me here now,lol!
nice job on the shoes, man thats pure strength for sure. no way around that. well done and enjoy the two hand mills, they are cool.

Coach Steer said...

OK, neither of you even have a clue what "cold" is. Anyone who refers to temperature in fahrenheit is too far south to really know... ;-)

Thanks for posting those two-handed club clips Mark. I was doing some filming for online clients when I saw them, so I thought I would throw something together for you. I made this short clip of the two-handed swipe. The components I point out are things I saw that would make your swipes even better... (

Hope its useful.


Coach Steer said...


Tiny url version...

G said...

Nice video Mark.
I am thinking of getting some clubbells and the options are 7lb,15lb or 20lb any ideas how to determine what would be suitable for me?

Coach Steer said...


My Clubbells 101 ebook (free) walks you through the Clubbell selection process. You can grab it from my website (


G said...