Wednesday, May 09, 2018

SFL debrief and 20 kg Speed swings 14 min,Mil press practice 105 lbs, walking lunges, side delts

Just a quick overview of last weekends StrongFirst Lifter certification.

It was going perfectly until the exact thing I did not want to happen, happened. An adductor tweak on my third rep of my squat test. I (smartly) racked the bar immediately and gave up on my chance to pass the cert that day.

My strength tests went perfectly: 340 double bodyweight deadlift was super strong, even on a barbell with no knurling for my grip- don't ask- even though it was a new( ish) rogue bar- Matt Chan model and it sucked. But it was like so no problem
Bench went equally well. 215 was strong.

Friday's training was zercher squats( which felt great) front squats ( which sucked. I have always hated these and still do ) and military press practice which went great

Felt fine, no get lag, fatigue or body issues at all. In fact my shoulders were less sore and tight than usual

Saturday went great as well. with Back squats, good mornings and sumo deads ( this is where I went wrong. Good mornings are so easy for me, although I haven't done any in 15 years that I perhaps was too powerful in my practice. I haven't done a wide stance ANYTHING in years. And though I didn't feel my adductors AT ALL I did think that wasn't a good idea

Turns out it wasn't

we finished up with bench press practice and there was lots of time spent on programming.

Sunday I woke up tired but not beat up and ready to test. very confident. Squat was first but we were made to do five sets of 10 powerful two hand swings which I haven't done at all either in years and though too, that it wasn't a good idea. It probably wasn't either

Warmups felt great but I got a bit depth concious and had Phil Scarito Master SFG call my depths.Everything felt right on til I walked out with 170 for the five rep test and the judge,Jason Marshal was sitting about one foot in front of me! Right where I spot. Through me off a bit

Then, everything is a blur. Reps one and two felt great. Deep all whites.Really focused on going deep and pausing I don't really know what happened. Then on rep three, at the same depth I thought I was going in the other reps I felt a tweak in my left adductor. I came up and racked the bar FAST! PISSED!  I mainly was pissed at the idea that this would fuck up my real training! And on my perfectly good left side!

I walked it off  and it wasn't horrible but it was there. for sure.

I tested the bar press and that didn't seem to bother it so I went for it and surprise surprise GOT IT! The main lift I was worried would not pass standard and it did. felt strong but staying with all the commands took effort

The testing was really going fast and I found myself being called up to the deadlift bar with barely a warmup. I pulled 225 and while it didn't hurt I could feel it and bailed on the test> Not going to get really hurt when I can send in a video

Today, Wednesday I felt almost 100% normal. Asian bodyweight squat didn't feel a hint of it as before it was.  SO FREAKIN HAPPY! That scared the shit out of me

Today's workout was solid

20 kg swing Vo2
15:15 x 10 RPA
14 min
280 reps
12,320 lbs

this was stronger than expected. No real worries at all. I'm pretty fresh after all and well fed
( I weighed 169 on the nose for the cert)

Didn't feel the adductor at all during the set. no worries!

Military press
105 x 3 x 10 sets

very good. a seriously important thing I realized is that the bar has to be as high on my clavicle as possible. that makes everything work right. Even a half inch lower changes things for the negative.

Walking lunges
3 sets of 40 sets

worried here a lot about the groin but no issues at all! sweet. went very slowly and cautiously  and there wasn't an issue

side raises
3 sets of 10 with 20 lbs

too heavy should have used 15's

BW 168.2
BF 13.3

 lol, I've lost muscle

tomorrows ruck up will be interesting as well having missed two sessions


and oh yea, THIS has been ordered and is enroute


Kettlebell Courage Corner Seattle WA said...

Interesting summary of SFL. You are a wise man to back off and know you can send in a video. Being stubborn and pushing through something you know you should not, and don’t have to, is stupid. Well done sir.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Chris. I've been "unwise" for way to long that way and no more. More pissed at not being able to get it done and over with than anything else. Ego :)

I'm just really glad it's not bad.

I probably will re do the squat next Monday