Sunday, October 02, 2016

Steady state ruck

I don't know how, or why but I woke up this morning feeling like I had done nothing yesterday. Nothing was sore, tight or ached at all. Incredible , can't explain it but I'll take it.
And my legs felt loose and strong at the same time as I started my ruck, and the weight felt like nothing.
I decided to try to not time any laps this morning and just let myself establish a steady, easy pace and I did it! Finished in just about the same time as always so my extra fast timed laps must balance out the slower post timed intervals. 1 hour and 55 minutes but it was SO nice to just cruise along.
After yesterday's CNS stimulation I definitely didn't feel like driving hard to make a time lap.

Probably will only do those on the low rep days  or alternate weeks if I change that strategy after the upcoming 44 kg test, which will probably happen. Not sure to what yet. depends on how the test goes.

Nice cool overcast morning. Fall is coming and I can't wait.

50 lb ruck
12 laps
10 isometric squat holds
1 hr 55 min

BW 163.4
BF 10.4 !!!!
W 57.9 ~!

Must be the carbs but it feels great

SO, the diet looks like this:

AM Intermittent Fast
Meal one : veg protein
Meal two  slow carb protein

intertwined with wine, lots of fats and coffee

ok back to presses tomorrow. not sure what I'm going to do but probably heavy for low reps


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