Sunday, October 09, 2016

All time Lap PR Ruck

I was hoping today's ruck would be strong and fast and it was. Way better than expected too. I did feel a bit stiff when I got up this morning but that shook off quickly. Plenty of sleep and it was 57 degrees so nice and crisp

Knew I was going to time three interval laps today so I set my mind on really pushing them all something I've not done before. Each laps takes about 7-8 min so it's a little longer than the test set but though it would be good mind and lung practice to go hard three times

50 lb ruck
12 laps
10 iso squat holds
1 hr 52 min
4th lap 7:41
8th lap 7:13 !!!
11th lap 6:43 ALL TIME PR!!!!

Man! I was moving fast. I went for 3:30 or under for the half lap and got through the first half at 3:22 but must have sped up. Really pushed myself and lungs felt easy but I don't know if I can move these short legs any faster!

Really was pumping my arms big time!!

The ruck felt like nothing. :)
 Legs and lungs ready to go

back to presses tomorrow.


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