Saturday, July 04, 2015

Thursday Ruck ( late post)

Somehow posting this got away from me but I didn't forget to do it. Very hot day but it's good to see my heat adaptation is coming along just fine. easier than ever.
Last try with the lowa's before I took them back. No good. 20 minutes into the walk right toe starts to go numb again.
Now to test REI's 100% guarantee.
upped the ruck weight 2.5 pounds as well

45 lb Ruck
60 minutes
6 laps
last laps 8:10

Not the fastest ruck but solid as hell

REI's took back the boots no questions asked, without a receipt or box! They have my business for life.
This is what I got in return

lets see how these do. The Lowa's were a bit too stiff I think. these feel more like a trail runner with a hiking outsole
time will tell

Now it's almost time to go swing the Beast!


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