Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday Ruck ; heat is just more weight

Nice and hot today.Almost 100 at 1 pm when we went rucking. But it's a dry heat which IS better. When it's humid the sweat doesn't evaporate, which is our cooling mechanism. But it was still freakin' hot!
Good thing I'm in shape :)
But the added heat is just another form of  resistance to overcome, another plate in the ruck. If it's not too much too fast it's just a little bit heavier than usual. The only way around is through.
Wasn't bad at all

New Salomons holding up fine but my foot definitely feels rougher after a full day on my feet and then rucking then first thing in the AM
Have to remember to roll out the arch on my right foot before I ruck. Right big toe was complaining

47 lb Rucl
55 min
6 laps
last lap time = 8 min even

good pace

day off tomorrow then heavy 44 kg swings on Sat


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