Sunday, July 26, 2015

Strong Ruck

Really solid one today. No problems from yesterday's workout, all parts still attached. Good sleep and woke up ready to go. Calves a bit heavy from yesterday for some reason but started strong.
I must have looked solid as I had two military guys, a half hour apart, stop and ask me if I was ex military.
One was just retired and wanted to get back into shape We walked four laps together..The second guy was an a paratrooper out of Ft Benning and wondered what I did

Can't ask for a better compliment and I was in hiking boots( not combat) REI shorts and a lululemon shirt so I wasn't all 511'ed out, lol.

53 lbs
2 hours
10 iso squats ( strongest ever)
last lap : 7:43 !

strong day.



Kikolu said...

Who is that guy in the picture?

Mark Reifkind said...